Connecting the dots and simplifying healthcare social media

We at Symplur believe that at this very moment the medical community is in a unique position to help mold the future of the patient/provider relationship.  That provider participation in healthcare social media will, at an increasing rate, become the public’s expectation.  And that for physicians and other healthcare organizations, just having a website no longer defines one’s online presence.

We value not only our clientele, but the healthcare industry as a whole.  We’re, by and large, not newcomers to the profession.  We chose to be a part of this industry because we saw it as being vital to both the individual and society as a whole.  Consequently, our drive has a dual purpose … to continually guide our clients toward the best options for their digital future, and to continually integrate technology that will serve the greater good.  Basically, we don’t just want to address the future of healthcare, rather, we wish to influence it.

Symplur, LLC

Our goal is to facilitate …

Healthcare Website Design

  • Medical professionals having the ability to educate the public on factual options in healthcare decision making.
  • Physicians, hospitals, and related healthcare professionals to help guide the public toward quality resources, and to help steer them clear of the bad information that exists on the web.
  • Patients having the ability to easily identify those providers who are active participants in this social shift identified as web 2.0 and health 2.0.  To know who they can turn to.
  • A patient/provider relationship that is trusting, helpful, and provides for an atmosphere in which the patient feels connected to the provider who is guiding them in their care … all the while adhering to privacy standards set forth in HIPAA.
  • A healthcare organization’s  ability to easily participate in the future of their profession in the online sphere, and in the many social media platforms and opportunities that present themselves.
  • A providers’ ability to control their online presence/persona, to protect their good name, and to help promote their expertise in their respective markets.

We provide …

Healthcare Website Design

  • Tools for …
    • Easy social media participation.
    • Seamless integration with multiple social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.
    • Easy monitoring of one’s web presence, activity and reach.
  • A website that is a highly customized, advanced web 2.0 platform upon which to anchor a healthcare provider’s online presence. Complete with an easy to use content management system for keeping the website dynamic via blogging and site content updates.
  • Healthcare based Search Engine Optimization (SEO), not the “hype” pandered by others.  Combined with routine, core and surface adjustments based on hard data statistical reporting and emerging trends.
  • Expert Consultation on healthcare social media plans, policies, and strategies.
  • Expert management of online marketing  and referral development campaigns via Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.
  • Expert, professional content creation, and conversion of online material into print media.

We commit …

Healthcare Website Design

  • To being a forward thinking resource as the Web 2.0 and healthcare social media continue to unfold.  Because we want to help providers, patients, and the healthcare community as a whole to effectively navigate the new web in the interest of better health.
  • To continually vet and integrate emerging technological trends, platforms and solutions into our client’s online reach and effectiveness.  Because there will be many new offerings and claims made by vendors who offer the latest and greatest gadgets and “bolt-ons” for a website, but you need to know how to sort through the options and recognize what’s useful and what’s not.
  • To NOT utilizing …
    • Repeated, pre-formatted  template options.  Because you need to establish and express your own recognizable identity and brand.
    • Canned “medical libraries”.  Because they don’t work, they don’t rank well via search, and they’re counter intuitive to true SEO.
  • To being your partner in the growth and development of your evolving needs in this dynamic space.