Healthcare Facebook Page Service

Why a Healthcare Facebook Page?

  • You value the importance of creating and maintaining patient relationships online.
  • You want to control your first impression and start creating your online presence
  • You are serious about compliance and want a Facebook presence to educate your patients while comply with HIPAA rules


Branded Healthcare Facebook Page

Creation of a special branded page on Facebook for your healthcare practice.

  • Your choice of design, layout and colors. Including images, video and text.
  • After you sign up, we will send a request for the content we need and we will provide you with the design choices you have.
  • Once the page is finalized and public, you can email our support department any modification you would like to see. We will accommodate one modification request per month.

We also offer a special “Like Gate” page where the visitor must “Like” your page in order to view or download certain content. A “Like Gate” is perfect for special offers, coupons and rewarding your followers with certain priviliges.



HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Facebook Page Setup

Don’t already have a Facebook Page for your healthcare business?

If your healthcare business does not already have a Facebook Page, we can create a HIPAA compliant Facebook Page on your behalf.

Be safe that you have taken the right approach with Facebook for your healthcare business

  • Creation of a healthcare Facebook Page.
  • HIPAA compliant account configuration with Privacy Policies and Healthcare Social Media Policies.
  • Complete with logo, images, and necessary local business information.

Start Building Your Online Presence with a Facebook Page Domain Name

Don’t have a healthcare website yet? Want to take control of your first impression?

The medical website design process is a large project. If you are not yet ready to take on that project, building a Facebook Page complete with a domain name is a great way to start building your online presence.

  • We highly recommend healthcare organizations without websites to purchase a domain name and have it redirect to their Facebook Page.
  • By purchasing a domain name you make sure that you own that name, and that’t no other competitor can take it away from you.
  • You also benefit from building a domain presence with Google and the other search engines, increasing your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) leverage.


healthcare Facebook page domain-300h

  • Branded Healthcare Facebook Page
  • For you who want start building patient relationships today with a branded experience.
  • You select your design choice, functionality and colors.
  • We will create your branded Facebook Page using content we request from you.

  • HIPAA Facebook Setup
  • For you who do not already have a Facebook Page for your healthcare practice.
  • You provide us with the information we will request.
  • We will setup your healthcare business Facebook Page with HIPAA compliant policies and settings.
  • Facebook Domain Name
  • For you who do not have a website, but want to start building a presence with your own domain name.
  • You will select and purchase a domain name for your healthcare business.
  • We will make sure to have it redirecting to your Facebook Page via SSL.

How can we help you?

An Healthcare Facebook Page Services is unique for every organization. We highly customize our service to serve our clients goals and needs.

Let’s talk about you and your goals. Fill out this form and we’ll start the conversation over email or phone.

You may help us by telling us something about:

  • yourself
  • your services
  • your location and target market
  • your current online presence if any (website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • your goals