Heidi Allen

Heidi Allen

LOCATION: Sydney, Australia

Digital Strategist, Health and Publishing

Experienced social media practitioner in health

Take control of your professional digital footprint


Using social media and digital strategy has a unique set of challenges in the health care industry. Heidi (@dreamingspires) worked as a medical publisher in England and Australia, before moving into the pixelated world of blogging and the dynamic web. Heidi develops strategies for organisations and individuals looking to use social media tools professionally in healthcare.

Day to day Heidi applies current knowledge and advances at BodyInMind.org, a not-for-profit clinical research site. She presents regularly on how to use new web tools in health, writing about their applications on her blog.

“There are simple steps that enable you to take charge of your professional portfolio online and showcase what you do effectively. To see someone learn to do this for themselves is rewarding and a part of the process I love the most.”

Areas of Specialty

  • Social media workshops
  • Integrating digital strategy into your business
  • Social media coaching
  • How to use new web tools in health

Online Presence


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