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David Carr’s death and the stigma of lung cancer – The Washington Post February 25, 2015

Seeing the stigma attached to Carr’s death, Hendrickson couldn’t sit idly by. She runs the Twitter account Faces of Lung Cancer, which is part of an online effort to unite patients. She asked for people to stop "blaming the victim." #lcsm

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Review of Twitter for Infectious Diseases Clinicians: Useful or a Waste of Time? February 24, 2015

In this paper, we describe why Twitter is important, how and when an infectious diseases (ID) HCP should use Twitter, the impact it has in disseminating ID news, and the educational value of Twitter. We also describe various tools within Twitter, such as Twitter Chat, that connect and bond HCPs on a specific topic. For the ID HCP, Twitter may help teach the global responsible use of antimicrobials in a world of escalating antimicrobial resistance.

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“How can I help you hear?” The transforming power of six little words February 24, 2015

Further resources: Sarah has registered the #howcanIhelpyouhear hashtag with Symplur’s Healthcare Hashtags Project and she hopes that this will act as a reminder to healthcare professionals on Twitter and encourage discussion.

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Workshop for @USC students: Using Social Media Data to Gain Community Insights and Inform Organizational Strategy February 12, 2015

Join us for a special workshop in collaboration with the popular healthcare social media consultancy Symplur – tailored to students at all levels.

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A landmark day in the movement: Patients in the Front Row February 2, 2015

So, to recap:
– President Obama was introduced by an e-Patient
– Patients and caregivers were the front row VIPs
– The President called patients the biggest stakeholders
– Dr. Collins called patients participants

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Slides: The Social Network: Using Twitter to Translate and Disseminate Evidence January 30, 2015

- Understand what makes an effective tweet for translation and dissemination
– Know how to identify and monitor individuals, communities and topics of interest on Twitter
– Know to communicate actionable, relevant information on new research to non-technical audiences

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Close-Up with Vanessa Carter, Facial Differences Advocate January 26, 2015

Vanessa Carter, from Johannesburg, South Africa became a Facial Difference advocate, as a result of her personal experience, following a tragic car accident ten years ago. Vanessa spent months and years trying to find the right specialists for her complex case. Now, she wants others to benefit from her experience.

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Tweets can better predict heart disease rates than income, smoking and diabetes, study finds January 21, 2015

Is Twitter becoming a new public health database?

The latest evidence: A group of researchers has found that analyzing tweets can accurately predict the prevalence of heart disease.

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Using Twitter for breast cancer prevention: an analysis of breast cancer awareness month January 20, 2015

One in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. The best-known awareness event is breast cancer awareness month (BCAM). BCAM month outreach efforts have been associated with increased media coverage, screening mammography and online information searching. Traditional mass media coverage has been enhanced by social media. However, there is a dearth of literature about how social media is used during awareness-related events. The purpose of this research was to understand how Twitter is being used during BCAM.

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Social Networks, Social Media, and Innovating Surgical Education January 19, 2015

This Viewpoint discusses how social networks and social media are revolutionizing the field of surgery, particularly surgical education.

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Top 10 Tweets From The JP Morgan Healthcare Conference January 19, 2015

The overall twitter tally for the 3-day event (held January 12th through 15th in San Francisco) was impressive.

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Slides: Health Care Social Media: Best Practices and Tips for Success January 6, 2015

Excellent slides: Best Practices and Tips for Success Lee Aase (@LeeAase) Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media Healthcare Communicators of Oregon Fall Conference 2014 November 7, 2014.

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Encouraging the right kind of engagement through social media December 29, 2014

Social media is giving everyone in healthcare unprecedented access to patients’ thoughts and opinions, and allows them to interact with consumers beyond the hospital or clinic if they so desire.

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The Top 10 Healthcare Tweets For 2014 December 28, 2014

It often takes a celebrity to capture the top spot in many of the year‒end lists and twitter is certainly no different. The “selfie” picture that Ellen DeGeneres tweeted at this year’s Oscar event in March remains firmly at the top with the highest number of retweets ever ‒ 3,366,592 – and counting. The question then becomes how does the category of top tweets translate to the world of healthcare?

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Are you a SCEPTIC? SoCial mEdia Precision & uTility In Conferences December 16, 2014

We analysed Twitter feeds at an emergency medicine scientific conference to determine the (1) accuracy of disseminated educational messages and the (2) use in providing rapid feedback to speakers. Most speakers were happy for key messages to be tweeted, and the majority of tweets (34/37) represented these accurately. It is important that speakers and conference organisers consider Twitter use and its potential benefits and disadvantages.

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