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Interview : Social Media Use for Multi-Channel Pharma Marketing – ASIA July 7, 2014

New social media technologies are opening up new channels of communication for pharma marketers to reach out to their healthcare stakeholders.  How can pharmas navigate the social responsibilities that come with social media use?

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Healthcare Tweeting Tips July 7, 2014

The beauty of Twitter lies in its simplicity and speed of delivery which facilitates the dynamic sharing of ideas and collaboration in healthcare. Doctors, nurses, health researchers and patients are using the social network to educate and build a global healthcare community. 

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Thomas Lee, co-founder of Symplur and Michael Weiss @hospitalpatient at Doctors 2.0 & You 2014 July 2, 2014

We recommend this interview by Michael Weiss of Thomas Lee, Symplur, about some of the basics regarding health hashtags on Twitter.
Michael Weiss has once again done an amazing job of capturing the essentials in a few questions.

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Dancing with #doctors20 by Dr. Bernadette Keefe + Tom Lee July 2, 2014

At Symplur we’ve monitored and collected statistics on the Twitter conversations from over 2,000 healthcare conferences from around the globe.  As such, we can tell you without hesitation that to see someone who is not physically at the conference become the most prolific tweeter on that conference’s hashtag is a highly unusual event.

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Sanofi takes to Twitter to support Spanish pharmacy portal July 1, 2014

Sanofi has expanded its social media use in Spain, launching a new Twitter account to support pharmacists in the country.

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Health Care Harnesses Social Media – US News July 1, 2014

More and more doctors and nurses are using Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to interact with – and monitor – their patients.

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Tweet This: FDA Finally Proposes Social Media Guidelines June 30, 2014

After several years of anticipation, the FDA has finally proposed a pair of guidelines for how drug and device makers should cope with some of the challenges and pitfalls posed by social media.

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Cancer.Net Social Media Coverage of ASCO’s Annual Meeting May 30, 2014

And new this year, #ASCO14 news may also have additional hashtags to show which disease or topic area that tweet covers. For a list of different types of cancer and their known hashtags in use, visit Symplur’s page on Cancer Tag Ontology.

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Q&A with Dr. Ali Jalali highlights how social media can work for you May 26, 2014

Another reason is that most of our students and residents have a digital life. They’re dealing with the problems of being contacted by patients and being bombarded by information. It’s our responsibility to teach them how to curate the information and how to be professional online.

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Social media is democratising healthcare meetings May 26, 2014

Nowhere is this shift more visible than the medical congress, which is being driven to adapt in the face of the demand for more immediate information and an appetite for sharing. The ASCO Annual Meeting, for example, now sees prolific activity on their Twitter hashtag, and has embraced the social media age with its ASCO Connection networking site for oncologists.

Read the Article Social Media in Clinical Practice by Bertalan Mesko May 26, 2014

The number of patients using social media and the number of applications and solutions used by medical professionals online have been sky-rocketing in the past few years, therefore the rational behind creating a well-designed, clear and tight handbook of practical examples and case studies with simple pieces of suggestions about different social media platforms is evident.

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Social Media and Medicine: 2014 Update and Future Impacts on Healthcare May 26, 2014

We must embrace social media in medicine. Social media is going to change the practice of medicine, and it is imperative that we as healthcare professionals participate now and actively shape how it will impact our patients, our practice, and our profession.

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Social Media in Healthcare : We’re Getting There But Have a Ways to Go May 19, 2014

There are no shortage of physicians and other health care workers who tweet, blog or write about the benefits of social media in healthcare to themselves,  their colleagues and their patients —BUT — far too few healthcare providers have set out to engage the  segment of  the social media audience who most likely stands to benefit the most from what social media in healthcare has to offer : The patient.

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BMJ: Billy Boland on using social media effectively in healthcare May 19, 2014

As I explored, I saw how it flattened barriers and hierarchies. I could find out what clinicians, academics, patients, and others were talking about like never before. And opportunities began springing up as I made connections.

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Social media continues to challenge medical professionalism May 19, 2014

As Canadian medical educators start to incorporate social media into their set of teaching tools, medical students and residents continue to wrestle with fundamental issues of how to use social media while maintaining professionalism.

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