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Urologists in the Yellow Submarine April 22, 2015

Social media platforms come and go but the ability to live stream is an exciting new development. For Periscope, it is my belief that the potential application for a use in medical education seems boundless. Live broadcasting is no longer the exclusive domain of television and cable networks.

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Social media in emergency medicine studies April 13, 2015

The proliferation of resources such as blogs and podcasts has been driven in part by the popularity of the Free Open-Access Medical Education (FOAMed) movement.  This prompted researchers to develop a set of quality indicators by which to evaluate credibility, content and design of online resources for medical education. Researchers whittled a list of 152 indicators down to the most important quality indicators: 14 for blogs and 26 for podcasts.

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Scientists find link between heavy Facebook use and depressive symptoms April 13, 2015

It doesn’t mean Facebook causes depression, but that depressed feelings and lots of time on Facebook and comparing oneself to others tend to go hand in hand.

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Twitter 103: Trolls, Malware and Spam (slides) April 1, 2015

Your account is set up. But trolls, malware and spam may lead to missteps that damage your reputation. Most of your experience online can be positive, but chance favors the prepared tweeter. Here are some tips that may help.

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Social media reacts to “Emperor of All Maladies” – Ripples of cancer film – money, policy or literacy? April 1, 2015

Janet Freeman-Daily is currently NED (no evidence of disease) and is participating in a clinical trial based on the particular genetic signature of her lung cancer. She posted this Monday evening:

"As #cancer patient, I’m encouraged to see so many people watching #CancerFilm and realizing the value of clinical trials."

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The Twitter Superuser Guide for Healthcare March 30, 2015

I created this guide for my social media training at the 2014 RWJF Clinical Scholars Program National Meeting. It’s for the novice all the way to the superuser!

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Social Media Starter Kit and Managing Your Digital Reputation March 23, 2015

This is Dr Jeffrey Geske, assistant professor of medicine and cardiology consultant at Mayo Clinic. In this episode of Mayo Clinic Talks we will discuss social media for healthcare providers. I am joined by Dr Farris Timimi, who is a consultant of cardiology and medical director of Mayo Clinic’s Center for Social Media.

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What Your Tweets Say About You March 20, 2015

Judging by the last nine hundred and seventy-two words that I used on Twitter, I’m about average when it comes to feeling upbeat and being personable, and I’m less likely than most people to be depressed or angry.

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The inside story of how Apple’s new medical research platform was born March 19, 2015

On September 27, 2013, during a dimly-lit presentation at Stanford’s MedX conference, Dr. Stephen Friend told an audience about the future of medical research.

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“ROCKING SELFIE’s” for dummies March 14, 2015

I believe that we have been given our paths for a reason and that there are some days that can change our lives forever. I believe that sharing these stories can reach out to someone and possibly change their lives too.

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Podcast interview of @audvin: How to Change Health One Tweet at a Time March 13, 2015

Social media in healthcare has, and continues to, radically transform the industry by making old boundaries disappear and connecting people who previously could have never connected before. When Twitter was in it’s infancy, Audun Utengen (former Transform presenter) and some friends started to see the potential in utilizing this communication tool, and started cataloging conversations that were taking place by specific hashtags throughout the Twitter sphere.

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Take the Medicine X | Symplur Signals Research Challenge March 10, 2015

Stanford Medicine X in partnership with the analytics masterminds at Symplur have launched a brilliant competition designed to spark scholarly research activity in healthcare social media.  The Stanford Medicine X | Symplur Signals Research Challenge asks all healthcare stakeholders to submit proposals to improve our understanding of how public dialog is changing health care.

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Three key insights – Philip Gardiner March 6, 2015

The recent meeting of the American College for Rheumatology (#ACR14) was a breakthrough event for Twitter use, aided in no small part by the live twittergrams/maps and twitter feeds beamed to every hall in between the meetings with Symplur analytics.

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How I stopped worrying (about my Klout score) and learned to love The Twitter March 5, 2015

The real value add is finding people who think the way you do (or, better yet, think opposite of you). So yes, formulaically my tweets were perfect – but they weren’t interactive. Turns out that interacting is actually what Twitter is about – relationships, not mindless self-promotion.

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Social Media and Pharma March 5, 2015

It’s a question that comes up all the time in my discussions with senior industry executives – is social media actually worth the risk for a sector as heavily regulated as the pharmaceutical industry?

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