Why Symplur?

With technology, guidance, and support, we make engagement in healthcare social media … “simple”

Web 2.0 and health 2.0 are converging to become one of the most powerful shifts in health and human behavior in the last generation.  At its heart is the fact that patients are people, and that people are social.  They want to know their healthcare professional, and want to both seek the opinions of others and share their own opinions.  In this context patients are rightfully taking ownership of their healthcare decisions via actively seeking information and options on the web. As we looked at this rapidly evolving new landscape we found a fractured market in terms of being able to meet the varied needs of healthcare professionals and broader healthcare community who are wishing to actively enter the online sphere.  With such a dynamic and digital environment, the need for technology solutions, strategic solutions, and solutions for content creation abound.  However, with such a diverse set of issues that each require specialized talent and technical know-how, we saw a profound need to simplify the process, to decrease the barriers to entry, and to enhance the ability of healthcare entities to effectively engage and spread their message.


Simplifying participation in healthcare social media

Never known for accepting the status quo, we’ve embarked on being the solution to the void that we saw, much like we did with the development of the Healthcare Hashtag Project.  In doing so we felt that we could help usher in a new era of enhanced communication of valuable health information on the web, help providers to both protect their reputation and to at the same time be highly visible in the online sphere. With all of the above in mind, we formed a comprehensive solution that can effectively accommodate the many, and varied needs of medical practices, hospitals, and all sectors of the larger healthcare community.  A solution that covers the spectrum of needs from websites to greater social media integration, and provides simple solutions.


Symplur is made up of three healthcare industry leaders in their own right …

Howard J Luks, M.D.

A highly sought after orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine, and one of the pioneering and still leading physician voices in healthcare social media.

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Audun Utengen, MBA

An avid lover of technology, simplicity and their combined potential for disruption of the healthcare industry; background in international marketing and business.

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The Fox Group, LLC

A leading healthcare consulting firm who for over 20 years has worked with physicians, hospitals and many other sectors of the industry throughout the U.S. and abroad.

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Together we’re bringing our enthusiasm, hands-on experience, and commitment to excellence to this endeavor.  And we’ve also sought out a supporting team of experts … made up of top talents and thought leaders, globally, and present them to you as well vetted, best options that can help you and your organization to effectively meet your goals in strategically planning your online presence.