Social Conversations from Doctors 2.0 & You in Paris

One of the joys of having large data sets about the past is the opportunity to learn from observing patterns. And from observing patterns you may be able to give some predictions about the future. Join the discovery process by looking at the infographic in this post while comparing it to the infographic from last year.

We recently wrote about the impact of European healthcare conferences by looking at what took place during the 30 days after a conference. We believed that by looking at the post-conference conversations we could learn something about the strength of a conference and what stories and topics that made an impact with the audience. One of these conferences was #doctors20. This patient inclusive conference generated 42 post-conference articles across the globe that combined resulted in 944 social shares.
How long can this incredible wave of social media adoption within healthcare last? One of the clearest patterns we can observe is that the growth is not yet over. On the contrary, on several metrics we see an exponential grown within healthcare social media. Most recently we wrote about the large U.S. based conference #HIMSS14 and how its social engagement level set new record with accelerated growth.

Healthcare Social Media Adoption Continues to Grow

While turning our attention back to Europe, we find that the Doctors 2.0 & You 2013 conference also followed the same patterns with almost a doubling in both the number of social participants and impressions created compared to the previous year. From the infographic below we learn that the conference’s topics were focused on the patients and their doctors. With both groups having a very strong presence among the top influencers in the social graph. Creating conversations that reached a potential 2.7 million Twitter timelines.

We can’t help but be incredibly excited to learn what this year’s #doctors20 conference will have in store for us during the days of June 5th and 6th in Paris. What we do expect to see though, is a continuing strong growth in social engagement fueled by lasting stories from patients, providers, and other contributing parties in the extended health delivery spectrum.

Tom Lee (@tmlfox) and myself will join Denise Silber (@health20paris) for a live Google Hangout chat Tuesday March 4th where we will dig deeper into these data sets, their history, and their patterns.

PS. Take also a look at this interactive network centrality graph representing the social community from #doctors20 2013.


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