Healthcare Content Creation

Why You Should Blog

  • You want to directly educate your patients about their health and the health of their families.
  • You want to be found when potential patients search for health related topics that you’re equipped to address.
  • You want to be seen as a professional healthcare provider that helps the public find quality healthcare information online by content curation and continuous content creation.

Challenges for Healthcare Providers

  • Consistently finding time to create new healthcare content for a site is difficult for some.
  • The technical aspect of correctly publishing a blog can be a bit time consuming or even frustrating for beginners.
  • Missing out on site traffic by not understanding what subjects are of interest, how to present those topics, or not grasping the nuances of search engine optimization.

Simplifying the professional blogging process

At Symplur we always work creatively to find new ways to simplify the online experience for healthcare professionals, but the idea for our healthcare content creation service did not originate with us. It came directly from our own clients.  Clients who completely grasp the SEO impact of continual content creation, but were falling short in taking action.  And when our clients speak … we listen.

Some of our clients found themselves in the situation of failing to blog or to add other fresh healthcare content to their website on a consistent basis. While fully understanding the value of creating content, even seeing the performance improvement on Google ranking lists, they simply could not find enough time to make it happen.

The issues of time availability, committment, and discomfort with the technical aspects of publishing are not unusual.  We believe that there are a number of ways to help our clientele to get around these obstacles. But we also recognize that we can help to jump-start their site with new content via rolling up our own sleeves and being instrumental in getting things going while they gain comfort in the process.  And, we recognize that some would hugely benefit from a higher level, more strategic engagement that includes industry leading, recognizable, professional writers who will bring immediate credibility, performance and reach.

some clients understood outcome, but fell short on commitment

With our healthcare content creation services, we offer healthcare providers and healthcare businesses a high return-on-investment solution for getting traffic to your website, ranking higher on the search engines and providing your clients with high quality healthcare information.  From basic level services, to immediate national/global recognition, we’ve made the process of adding meaningful content simple … whatever your needs.

  • Managed Blog Service & Patient Content Creation
  • $119/blog
  • You will simply give us a list of minimum 12 blog topics you want to have created.
  • We will have our professional healthcare writers create these 12 articles on your behalf.*
  • We will conduct keyword research.
  • We will perform a proper SEO on these writings, format the content, giving it the proper meta data, and conduct minor rewriting and restructuring.
  • We will take care of the technical process of scheduling and publishing these blogs for you.
  • Strategic Healthcare Content Creation
  • $300+/blog
  • In need of a high impact, result driven article or articles?
  • In strategic cooperation with one of our healthcare social media consultants, an article or a series of articles can be created on various industry topics*
  • The created product can either be a short trend article, technology article, a longer feature article, feature article with an interview, or a feature article with a video.
  • Articles written by our healthcare social media consultants do not only perform based on their SEO value, but more importantly they directly benefit greatly from the industry clout the consultants bring to these articles.

How can we help you?

The process of creation content is unique for every organization. We highly customize our Healthcare Content Creation service to serve our clients goals and needs.

Let’s talk about you and your goals. Fill out this form and we’ll start the conversation over email or phone.

You may help us by telling us something about:

  • yourself
  • your services
  • your location and target market
  • your current online presence if any (Website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • your goals

*Patient Content Creation

This service is available exclusively for our Healthcare Online Presence clients.  Each article will be a minimum of 300 words. They will be written by our professional healthcare writers. In cases were we do not have the necessary healthcare specialy knowledge, we will leverage our network and hire a professional that posess the required knowledge.

*Strategic Healthcare Content Creation

This service is available exclusively for our Healthcare Online Presence clients. Writing and communication strategy together with article format and pricing is negotiable and unique for each project. Contact us for more information and example articles.