LeAnna J. Carey, MBA

LeAnna J. Carey, MBA

LOCATION: Washington, DC, USA

Digital, Innovation and New Media Strategist, mHealth


Disruptive Voice for Innovators and Entrepreneurs in Health Care


Change will come from innovation…


LeAnna J. Carey, MBA (@thehealthmaven) is currently the editor of Innovation Excellence – healthcare, founder of TheHealthMaven, LLC and, co-founder of AuraViva, a mobile healthcare company focused on the consumer wellness market. LeAnna believes that transformational change will come from innovation that wraps around the healthcare consumer’s lifestyle. Healthcare innovation and new media have the potential to empower provider, patient and healthcare system.

Lea has expertise in facilitating established or startup companies launch and implement new media strategies to align with specific business objectives.

“We are ushering in a new era of engagement within the health care ecosystem. What makes this time very unique is the consumer groundswell desire for information and involvement in their healthcare. Leveraging healthcare innovation through new media will take the healthcare experience to the next level. Yesterdays solutions are for yesterdays healthcare..”.

Areas of Specialty

  • New Media Branding
  • New Media Strategic Planning & Execution
  • New Media Network Weaving
  • New Media Analytics
  • New Media Training Programs

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