Healthcare Social Media

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What do you get when you combine the world’s largest database of healthcare social media conversations with the world’s largest database of healthcare social media influencers and power it all by machine learning?

The world of healthcare social media. Tailored to you. See Symplur Signals for yourself.

Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare Social Media Analytics

The healthcare industry is changing with incredible speed, and one of the major contributors to this change is the dramatic upsurge in healthcare communication brought on by social media. Healthcare Social Media Analytics can bring incredible value by segmenting, analyzing and curating online healthcare discussions to answer your unique questions and needs. Learn more about Healthcare Analytics.

The Healthcare Hashtag Project

The Healthcare Hashtag Project

The goal of the “Healthcare Hashtag Project” is to make the use of healthcare social media and Twitter more accessible for the healthcare community as a whole. By lowering the learning curve of Twitter with a database of relevant hashtags to follow, we hope to help new and existing users alike to find the conversations that are of interest and importance. See the The Healthcare Hashtag Project.