New options for Network Analysis

The Network Analysis graph has been updated with brand new options that affect the generation of the network chart based on the combination of the options selected.

The first set of options ‘All’, ‘Mentions’, ‘Replies’, and ‘Quote Tweets’ refer to the type of connections, or lines, that are generated between two individual accounts. The initial default is ‘All.’

  • All – the connection is either a mention, a reply, or a quote tweet.
  • Mentions – only mentions between accounts are drawn.
  • Replies – only replies between accounts are drawn.
  • Quote Tweets – only quote tweets between accounts are drawn.

The second set of options ‘All’ and ‘Bidirectional’ refer to the direction of the arrows that connect two individual accounts. The initial default is ‘All.’

  • All – all connections are unidirectional with the arrowhead showing the direction of the connection.
  • Bidirectional – will only display connections where both users are mutually mentioned, replied, and/or quoted each other.
‘All’ option generates connections with unidirectional arrows.
‘Bidirectional’ option generates connections with no arrowheads.

The next option is a dropdown that sets the maximum number of ‘edges’ or ‘connections’ that the network graph will generate. The initial default is ‘100’ connections.

The last option allows you to select the layout algorithm for the network graph. ‘Force’ layout is selected by default and it uses an algorithm that makes connected nodes attract each other and disconnect nodes to repulse each other – helpful to reveal sub-networks within the graph.

The ‘Concentric’ layout makes the node with the highest score as the center and organizes the other nodes around the central node. In the Network Graphs in the user profile popover via the ‘Interactions’ button, the central node is the selected user.

The ‘Grid’ layout arranges the graph in a grid layout ordered by the nodes with the highest scores from left to right.

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