How Engage Works

Highlights from top-trending healthcare conversations are collected.
Trending content is grouped by similar cohorts.
Ranked content is matched to each doctor based on attributes.
Insights are distributed to our platform database.

Market-Leading Platform Integrations

Our unique insights are deployed directly to field reps and MSLs via the CRM tools they already use, making it easier to cultivate relationships with their HCPs.

CRM Data Enrichment

Social media data is appended to each HCP record in the CRM database, providing Reps and MSLs access to key insights, including:

•   Trending Conversations
•   Trending Articles
•   Top Influencers
•   Trending Hashtags
•   Conferences

Custom Dashboards

Dashboards can be customized by audience and therapeutic categories. Reps and MSLs get the latest social media content, conversations and influencers delivered via user-friendly and stunning data visualizations that put it all into perspective.

What Engage can do for you

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Strong HCP Engagement
Stay Current On Healthcare’s Changes

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from insight to action.

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