How Spotlight Works

A massive amount of data sources are gathered.
Hundreds of data points are then stitched together for each HCP.
Profiles are purposefully ranked (and reranked).
Insights are distributed to our platform database in stunning visualizations.

Dynamic Weighting and Ranking

Spotlight’s data-rich profiles enable a wide range of ranking possibilities for doctors. Our ranking algorithms are tailor-made to analyze HCPs based on your unique priorities and needs.

Custom and Comprehensive Health Care Provider Profiles

Spotlight acts as a single source of truth, building master profiles for each provider. Users gain unlimited access to their full list of HCPs via the Spotlight client portal where they can evaluate each data point on every HCP, download their HCP lists, and integrate lists into their CRM platform of choice.

What Spotlight can do for you

Use Cases
Key Opinion Leader Mapping
Align Your Objectives with the Right HCPs

Make the move
from insight to action.

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