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#WHA69, social media and the secret election May 27, 2016

Stanford and Symplur’s “social media research challenge” is a couple weeks old, but still relevant to Prof Osgood’s presentation. Tapping into Symplur’s research platform, this project seeks collaboration to better understand how “social media is transforming health care.”

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Social Media in Oncology: Does It Help Patients? May 3, 2016

The growth of social media in medicine, particularly oncology, has been impressive. The uses to date have varied from live reporting of meeting presentations to community development and support in any number of diseases. The American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2015 Annual Meeting had over 74,000 tweets in the month surrounding the actual meeting dates, leading to over 330 million impressions.

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Boehringer and Novartis in the running for social media award April 26, 2016

Boehringer Ingelheim and Novartis are among the big pharma firms shortlisted for Social Media Pharma Company of the Year at next week’s PM Society Digital Awards.

This was done by Symplur Signals, which analysed online conversations in 2015 around the top 10 diseases with the highest mortality rates, in the process collecting 606 million healthcare tweets.

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FOAM and EMCC Emergency Medicine Critical Care Blogs April 15, 2016

Review of prospectively collected data pertaining to Emergency Medicine and Critical Care (EMCC) blogs and podcasts providing Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAM) with no barrier to entry.

Twitter continues to be the mainstay of social media presence for blogs/podcasts rising from 72% in 2012 to 86% in 2016.

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Tweetchats: What Are They? How Can I Participate? March 15, 2016

This type of platform allows you connect with a larger group of patients or experts who understand and know first hand what you are going through. In addition to the social connection benefits, tweetchats can be educational. You can learn about diffrent treatment options, clinical trials, etc.

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The researcher of the future…makes the most of social media – The Lancet January 6, 2016

As a scientist, I believe that public engagement is an essential activity, both for promoting and explaining our work as scientists, and for shining a light onto the nature of scientific investigations.

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The Use of Social Media in Patient Education December 3, 2015

With social media emerging as the predominant driving force in information sharing, the role of healthcare professionals in patient education is evolving. While doctors, dietitians, and other clinicians remain the rst choice for the vast majority of patients seeking answers to health questions, patients are becoming more empowered through social media to expand their knowledge of health matters and seek support for their needs (1). The use of smartphones has greatly contributed to this trend.

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Hashtags help organize online conversations about cancer care, research November 19, 2015

"The cancer tag ontology has grown for two main reasons: strong online relationships and lucky timing," lead author Dr. Matthew Katz from Lowell General Hospital in Lowell, Massachusetts, told Reuters Health by email.

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Urology Tag Ontology Project: Standardizing Social Media Communication Descriptors October 8, 2015

Standardizing social media hashtag descriptors is likely to facilitate communication and promote collaboration in both health care provider and patient communities.

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The BMJ – The power of social media to help clinicians and patients October 2, 2015

I had been fortunate enough to win, with Daniel Cabrera (@cabreraERDR) a clinician from Canada and Jesse Spurr (@inject_orange) a nurse consultant from Australia, the inaugural symplur award. This prize was a joint initiative between Symplur, a healthcare focused social media analytics company and #MedX. It was designed to spark scholarly research activity in this area.

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Doctor wins international award for social media and healthcare research September 20, 2015

The team focused on the Free Open Access Medical education (FOAM) community of healthcare professionals who collaborate online to share knowledge. They interrogated the Twitter #FOAMed hashtag using Symplur Signals analytics tool.

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Social Media: Why Pediatricians Need to Keep Up With the Latest Platforms August 14, 2015

As an outgrowth of the Internet and the World Wide Web, social networking sites (SNS) serve as platforms to establish and maintain personal interactions. It is important that pediatric practitioners stay current about the different SNS our patients use.

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JMIR-Twitter Social Media is an Effective Tool for Breast Cancer Patient Education and Support: Patient-Reported Outcomes by Survey August 4, 2015

Despite reported benefits, many women do not attend breast cancer support groups. Abundant online resources for support exist, but information regarding the effectiveness of participation is lacking. We report the results of a Twitter breast cancer support community participant survey.

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Use the Healthcare Hashtag Project in Your Next Communications Plan August 3, 2015

Moreover, if you are a health communicator or a health care marketer, it is often challenging to figure out where the conversations are happening on Twitter. With more than 500 million users, tracking conversations on health topics can feel like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Enter Symplur and in particular, Symplur’s Healthcare Hashtag Project.

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Susannah Fox on hunt to improve patient access to data July 14, 2015

Susannah Fox was appointed the chief technical officer for the US Department of Health and Human Services in May.  Many patient advocates believe she could – as she puts it – “enable patients to access their electronic health data easily and contribute it for research” and continue a movement toward giving patients a greater voice in federal policies.

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