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#EDMNHS2014Healthcare Conferences
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The conference outlines a number of different strategies for the implementation of EDM and discusses key issues including the legal framework and inf…
#DIAERIHealthcare Conferences
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EDM and ERS is combining with RIM in 2015 for the eRegulatory and Intelligence Annual Conference. In recent years, industry as a whole has been conve…
#DIAMSC16Healthcare Conferences
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The cross-functional general session and five breakout tracks encompass all areas including medical information, medical science liaison, medical comm…
#RSIDM2016Healthcare Conferences
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EDM, ERS, and RIM have combined for the 2016 Regulatory Submissions, Information, and Document Management Forum. This forum will cover topics in four …
#PathologyHorizons2016Healthcare Conferences
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An open annual conference on what lies ahead in Pathology, Laboratory Medicine and related areas. Organised by Cirdan. https://pathologyhorizons.com/
#RSIDM17Healthcare Conferences
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Regulatory Submissions, Information, and Document Management Forum, Feb. 6-8. This Forum is the premier place for the discussion of emerging operation…
#RSIDM18Healthcare Conferences
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Regulatory Submissions, Information, and Document Management Forum, Feb. 5-7. With four tracks in RIM Business, RIM Technology, ERS, and EDM), this Fo…
#EPR2013Healthcare Conferences
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This conference focuses on the role of Electronic Patient Records in delivering a paperless NHS. With case studies from those organisations that advan…
#EDMJune13Healthcare Conferences
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Following the NHS Commissioning Board's committment to a paperless NHS, this one day conference focuses on a practical guide to delivering electr…

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