Bariatric Surgery Hashtags

Hashtag Type Topics and Description
#2013CSFHealthcare ConferencesCanadian Surgery Forum
19th September 2013 – 22nd September 2013
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The 2013 Canadian Surgery Forum will bring together participating surgical societies, providing accredited continuing professional development, and th…
#ObesitySummitHealthcare ConferencesObesity Australia Summit
28th November 2013 – 29th November 2013
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The 2013 Obesity Australia Summit will include invited presentations and panel discussions allowing for robust interaction between speakers, panelists…
#rcpeAyr14Healthcare ConferencesRCPE Regional Symposium Ayr: Interesting Aspects of Diabetes
19th March 2014
RCPE Regional Symposium Ayr: Interesting Aspects of Diabetes, Wednesday 19 March 2014. The RCPE organises a number of regional symposia in different …
#rcpeGastro13Healthcare ConferencesRCPE Symposium: Gastroenterology
1st November 2013
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RCPE Symposium: Gastroenterology The aim of this symposium is to reflect the current relevant issues of modern gastroenterological practice. The targ…
#rcpeGastro14Healthcare ConferencesRCPE Symposium: Gastroenterology
13th November 2014
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This RCPE Symposium will look at how obesity presents both challenge and opportunity to Gastroenterology practice, covering luminal and hepatology pra…

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