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Thu 24th
06:00 PM
healthcare information technology, healthcare innovation, mobile health
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Sunday 20th

03:30 AMAustralia, healthcare social media conversations, New Zealand
12:00 PMpublic health, Twitter Journal Club
12:00 PMRheumatoid Arthritis
01:00 PMBorderline Personality Disorder
05:00 PMcaregiving, caring for children, caring for parents, caring for spouses, elder care
06:00 PMhealthcare social media conversations
07:00 PMhealth access, healthcare equality, single payer, Universal Healthcare

Monday 21st

10:00 AMPost Partum Depression
12:00 PMHomeopathic, Homeopathic Medicine
12:00 PMalzheimers, caregiving, Dementia
04:00 PMBusiness, Career Alternatives, Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship, nurses, nursing
05:00 PMcost of care, health care price transparency, healthcare cost, healthcare pricing
05:00 PMchaplain, chaplaincy, chaplains, clinical pastoral education, CPE, hospice
05:30 PMbioethics, healthcare, medical ethics, medical humanities, nursing ethics
05:30 PMPost Partum Depression
06:00 PMpublic health
06:00 PMBreast Cancer, Breast Cancer Social Media, Cancer, Cancer Tag Ontology
06:00 PMchildren's health, parenting

Tuesday 22nd

03:00 AMdiet, exercise, health food
03:00 AMallied health, Australia, Disability, mental health, New Zealand
03:30 AMAustralia, Diabetes
10:00 AMcaregiving, Medicare, seniors
10:00 AMcrowdsourcing, empowerment, healthcare information, transparency
11:00 AMhealthcare, healthcare policy, home health, home healthcare, innovation, Quality Care
12:00 PMHealth Activism, Health Activists
12:00 PMoccupational therapy
12:00 PMDiabetes, Diabetic
12:00 PMhealth care, social care, Social Policy, Social Work
05:00 PMCancer, caregiving, chronic illness, Melanoma, mental health
05:30 PMhealthcare information technology, healthcare innovation, mobile health
05:30 PMhealth care leadership, health safety, healthcare ethics, healthcare motivation
06:00 PMhealthcare, innovation, Leadership, mental health, psychologists
06:00 PMPhysical Therapist Issues, physical therapy
06:30 PMelder care, end of life

Wednesday 23rd

04:00 AMhealth topic of the week
08:00 AMchange, radicals
08:00 AMmental health, mental health social media
09:00 AMPatient Safety, Quality Improvement, quality of care
09:30 AMpatient care, pharma, Pharmacist Provider Status, Pharmacy Business
10:00 AMCanada, healthcare social media conversations
12:00 PMApps, government, National Health Service Social Media, NHS, United Kingdom
12:00 PMmental health, perinatal mental health, postnatal depression, Postpartum Psychosis
12:00 PMDiabetes, Germany, mhealth, social media
12:00 PMDiabetes, France
12:00 PMadvice, diabetic teens, information, parents of diabetic teens, peer support
01:00 PMDiabetes, United Kingdom
01:00 PMbowel disease, inflammatory bowel disease
02:00 PMIrish medicine, north + south
05:00 PMCompassion and Empathy in Medicine, medical education, Narrative Medicine
05:00 PMinfusion therapy, registered nurse, RN, vascular access
06:00 PMDoctor of Physical Therapy Student, DPT, physical therapy
06:00 PMArthritis, AutoImmune, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, mental health, Migraine
06:00 PMchaplain, chaplaincy, chaplains, clinical pastoral education, CPE, hospice
06:00 PMhospice, hospice and palliative medicine, hospice and palliative medicine physician
06:00 PMantibiotics, Bacteria, fungi, Iinfectious Diseases, Microbiology, vaccines, viruses
06:00 PMfitness, heart health, Obesity, weight loss
06:00 PMaddiction, recovery, rehab
06:00 PMchronic conditions, disease surveillance, Emergency Preparedness, public health
06:00 PMDiabetes
06:00 PMhealth, health tips, Motivation
06:00 PMCounselling, Digital Mental Health, Interdisciplinary Research, mentalhealth

Thursday 24th

12:00 AMBrain Cancer, Brain Tumor, Brain Tumour, Glioblastoma, Glioma, Pediatric Brain Tumor
04:30 AMnurse, nursing, United Kingdom
09:00 AMHealthcare Delivery, patient care, practice management, radiation oncology, Radiology
09:00 AMhealth, KMb, mental health, social media, Social Services
10:00 AMcaregiving, caring, Depression, elder care, end of life, fall prevention, New York
10:00 AMhome care
11:00 AM
Autism, Autism Awareness, Autism Society, National Autism Awareness Month
11:00 AM
digital health, fitness, health, mhealth apps, tools and lifestyle, wellness
12:00 PMnurses, nursing, United Kingdom
12:00 PMHealth Apps
12:00 PMparamedics
12:00 PMAlzheimer's Disease
12:30 PMintellectual disabilities, Learning disabilities, mental health, nurse, nursing
01:00 PMhealthcare professions education, medical education, Medical Education in the UK
04:00 PMCancer
04:00 PMassisted death, death, death with dignity, end of life, hospice
05:00 PMCancer, Cancer Tag Ontology, Lung Cancer, Lung Cancer Social Media
05:00 PMhealth communication, health literacy, social marketing, social science
06:00 PMbig data, Health Information, health librarians, health librarianship
06:00 PMhealthcare information technology, healthcare innovation, mobile health
06:00 PMdoctor, medical education, physician

Friday 25th

09:00 AMhealth information technology, Healthcare IT social media, HITECH, HL7
09:30 AMcrisis response, disaster planning, disaster preparation, Emergency management
10:00 AMorphan diseases, orphan drugs, Rare Disease, rare disease news, rare disease research
11:00 AMskin care
07:00 PMemerging technology in Philippine healthcare, healthcare professionals

Saturday 26th

12:00 PMepatients, participatory epatient, participatory medicine

Sunday 27th

03:30 AMAustralia, healthcare social media conversations, New Zealand
11:00 AMBook Club, books, Dementia, information, life story, reading, social media, writing
12:00 PMRheumatoid Arthritis
01:00 PMBorderline Personality Disorder
06:00 PMhealthcare social media conversations
07:00 PMhealth access, healthcare equality, single payer, Universal Healthcare

One-time and Irregularly Scheduled Tweet Chats

Initial Chat Date Hashtag Health Topics
May 14 2014#hcpconnectHealthcare Provider Tweet Chat Training
May 1 2014#IHMayDayAustralia, Indigenous Health
Apr 29 2014#cambiacongresosalud congresos científicos 2.0 conocimiento formación elearning networking
Apr 29 2014#COPDChatCOPD, Respiratory, tweet chat
Apr 25 2014#DNAdayDNA, DNA Day, Genome
Apr 24 2014#nccamchatand acupuncture, massage, yoga
Apr 23 2014#eurdchatEurope, EURORDIS, rare diseases
Apr 23 2014#ReOTDhealthcare leaders, Healthcare Leadership, healthcare social media
Apr 17 2014#CIH114arts, Culture, Dementia, Disparities, ethnic minorities, health literacy, nutrition
Apr 15 2014#patients4qualityEngaging Patients, health, health care, patient engagement, patients, quality
Apr 9 2014#pillbottlePill bottle hacks
Apr 9 2014#MDTchathealthcare, joint working, Multidisciplinary teams, social care
Apr 2 2014#allergychatallergens, Allergies, food allergies
Apr 1 2014#CCSRIChatcancer research, cancer research; personalized medicine, clinical cancer research
Mar 31 2014#NoDelayBIll HR 4302, ICD-10, Possible Delay in ICD-10, SRG
Mar 28 2014#ahpraqandaahpra, social media australia, social media guidelines australia
Mar 27 2014#80by2018awareness, Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, health advocacy, healthcare social media
Mar 27 2014#issrchatclimate change, éducation, healthcare, NHS, sustainability
Mar 26 2014#FertChatinfertility
Mar 24 2014#MGHDSMEDiabetes, health and wellness
Mar 21 2014#pcreshealthcare, intellectual disabilities, Learning disabilities, research
Mar 20 2014#DoctorFinderMaking Health Decisions, medicine, physicians
Mar 19 2014#ACAchatAutism, Cancer, cardiovascular, health, healthcare, Insurance
Mar 19 2014#AAMCchatacademic societies, clinical care, health, Health Systems, medical education
Mar 13 2014#MRFchatClinical Trials, Melanoma, melanoma treatment, Skin Cancer, sun protection, tanning
Mar 11 2014#plcomsersPatients at the heart of commissioning
Mar 6 2014#AdelphiTalksubstance abuse and addiction
Mar 5 2014#DukeHeartStentangioplasty, coronary artery disease, Heart Disease, patient engagement, stent
Mar 4 2014#1000to1chatinspiration, post-stroke, rehab, Stroke
Mar 3 2014#IGSJCGeneral Surgery, International General Surgery Journal Club, journal club, research
Feb 27 2014#mitssadverse events, emotional support, medical error, medical harm
Feb 26 2014#HealthyFoodsDietary Guidelines for Americans, healthy eating, National Nutrition Month, nutrition
Feb 25 2014#EDinsightAnorexia, Binge-Eating Disorder, Bulimia, Eating Disorders
Feb 24 2014#HIStalkapaloozahealth information technology, HIT event
Feb 19 2014#CYPBillchildren, healthcare, social care, Wellbeing, young people
Feb 17 2014#OutsideInhealthcare, innovation, solutions, technology
Feb 14 2014#HSJEoLCcommissioning, EOLC, palliative care
Feb 13 2014#AlzheimersChatAging, Alzheimer's Disease, elder care
Feb 12 2014#RelationshipChatkeeping online relationships healthy
Feb 11 2014#WeComsersCCGs, commissioning, health
Feb 11 2014#teenFBsafetyadolescents, bioethics, parenting, privacy, Safety, social media, teens
Feb 5 2014#SankalpChathealthcare technology
Feb 5 2014#hcsmctAffordable Care Act, health, health disparities, health equity, healthcare
Jan 29 2014#askscotflubaby, Flu, midwife, NHS, Pregnancy, RCM, vaccination
Jan 28 2014#SOTUhealthACA, healthcare, Obama, state of the union
Jan 28 2014#SmartAboutDiabetesblood sugar, diet, exercise, type 2 diabetes
Jan 22 2014#TeenNutritionadolescent health, Diabetes, healthy eating, nutrition
Jan 21 2014#Impact2020health information technology, technology
Jan 16 2014#NewsHourChatsArthritis, Gout, Lupus, OA, RA
Jan 9 2014#LTCareCostshospice, long term care, nursing homes, palliative care
Jan 8 2014#mladisparitieshealth disparities, healthcare, medical librarians
Dec 18 2013#aliemJCemergency medicine, evidence-based medicine, journal club
Dec 18 2013#commpharmcommunity pharmacy, pharmacy
Dec 17 2013#paleochatfitness, healthy eating, paleo diet
Dec 17 2013#FoxChatAlzheimer's Disease, Clinical trial recruitment, Clinical Trials, NIH, NINDS
Dec 17 2013#holidaystressDepression, holidays, stress
Dec 11 2013#1year2longalzheimers, Brain Injuries, Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Neurological Disorders
Dec 11 2013#glutenchatCeliac Disease, gluten intoloerance, gluten-free diets, sensitivity, wheat
Dec 8 2013#sportichatConcussion, injury prevention, Pediatric primary care
Dec 6 2013#talkgenomesgenomics, Genomics a la Cafe Scientifique
Dec 5 2013#TextTalkActCreating Community Solutions, Dialogue, mental health, mental health awareness, Text
Dec 5 2013#PatientPowerpatient empowerment, patient engagement, personal health records, phr
Dec 4 2013#herObamacareAffordable Care Act, birth control, health care, health insurance, obamacare, women
Dec 3 2013#sbmgrCardiology, endocrinology, Hematology, Internal Medicine, Nephrology, Primary Care
Dec 2 2013#PriceTransparencyhealth care costs, health care pricing, quality, transparency
Dec 1 2013#SayNoToSmokingCigarette, Lung Cancer, Nigeria, quit tobacco, smoking
Nov 26 2013#pancreaticchatPancreatic Cancer
Nov 24 2013#rsjcCritical Care, pulmonology, Respirology, sleep medicine, Twitter Journal Club
Nov 21 2013#cohchatcigarettes, e-cigarettes, nicotine dependence, smoking cessation
Nov 20 2013#engagingdadsAdministration for Children and Families, adolescents, CDC, family health, fatherhood
Nov 19 2013#diabeteschatDiabetes, type 2
Nov 19 2013#holidaydiabetesDiabetes, holiday eating tips, type 2
Nov 19 2013#MODWINICU, preemies, premature birth, prematurity, preterm birth
Nov 14 2013#chatNSCLCCancer, disease awareness, lungcancer, Non Small Cell Lung Cancer, NSCLC, Oncology
Nov 12 2013#GreenHealthChatclimate change, clinicians, energy, environmental health, Health Systems, physicians
Nov 11 2013#pnpchatadvanced practice nursing, Career Development, FNP, Pediatrics, PNP
Nov 11 2013#vetchatPTSD, Suicide Prevention, Veterans Day
Nov 8 2013#NivetDiversityDiversity, medical education, medical school
Nov 7 2013#SFNautismAutism, genetics, neurodevelopment, neuroscience
Nov 2 2013#siimindycross-disciplinary teams
Oct 31 2013#genomechatgenes, genetics, genomics, individualized medicine
Oct 31 2013#ChatBCBreast Cancer, Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Oct 24 2013#GRHealthChatBreast Cancer, healthcare, twitter
Oct 23 2013#CoveredSDAffordable Care Act (ACA), health care, health care organizations, health exchange
Oct 15 2013#kidsconcussionscertified athletic trainer, health communication, healthcare social media
Oct 11 2013#MDbillingA/R recovery, Physician billing, Revenue Cycle Management
Oct 7 2013#HCVchathepatitis C
Oct 4 2013#InsightSBScva, Stroke
Oct 2 2013#marathonchatexercise, fitness, marathon preparation, marathons, running
Oct 1 2013#OctubreArtritis12octubre, artritis, artritisreumatoide, auge, biológicos, díaartritis, mírame
Sep 30 2013#PCAMchathealthcare social media, Prostate Cancer
Sep 26 2013#OurSaludAffordable Care Act, health disparities, health equity, healthcare, HHS, hispanic
Sep 25 2013#FluchatInfluenza, vaccines
Sep 19 2013#healthplanshealth care reform, health exchanges, health insurance, obamacare, reimbursement
Sep 13 2013#TEDxValladolidBioentrepreneurship, ElectroOrganic Sound, neuroscience, Robotic
Sep 10 2013#PromiseRenewedMaternal and Child Health
Sep 10 2013#ekhchateast Kent, patient feedback, Safeguarding
Sep 9 2013#suicidechatSuicide Prevention
Sep 4 2013#SleepHealthSleep Apnea, sleep disorders, sleep doctors, sleep labs, sleep research
Sep 1 2013#painweekPain, Pain Week


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