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Recurring Tweet Chats

Sunday 15th

01:00 AM Australia, healthcare social media, New Zealand
01:00 PM asd, Autism, autism spectrum disorders, neurodivergence, neurodiversity
01:00 PM Borderline Personality Disorder
06:00 PM healthcare social media
07:00 PM mentalhealth, Prevention, suicide, Suicide Prevention

Monday 16th

04:00 AM global health, hospice, palliative medicine
10:00 AM Child Abuse, Childhood sexual abuse, mental health, psychology, Psychotherapy
10:00 AM advance care planning, elder care, National Healthcare Decisions Day
10:00 AM Post Partum Depression, Psychiatric Disorders
12:00 PM healthcare social media, Young Adults, young people, youth
12:00 PM Alzheimer's Disease, caregiving, Dementia
12:00 PM mental health, mental health nursing, nursing
12:00 PM birth, birth trauma, maternal health, NICU, perinatal mental health, PTSD
12:00 PM mental health, mental health nursing, nursing, Psychiatry
12:00 PM physical therapy, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, UK
12:30 PM Cancer, care, experience, practice, research
01:00 PM complementary treatments, holistic health
04:00 PM Multiple Sclerosis
05:30 PM bioethics, medical ethics, medical humanities, medical sociology/anthropology
05:30 PM Post Partum Depression, Psychiatric Disorders
06:00 PM abuse, Domestic Abuse, Domestic Violence, support, survivorship
06:00 PM Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Social Media, Cancer, Cancer Tag Ontology

Tuesday 17th

01:30 AM Australia, Diabetes
10:00 AM Health and Wellbeing, medicine, mental health, Prevention, wellness
10:00 AM Cancer, Childhood Obesity, Diabetes, health disparities, Latino health
11:00 AM addiction, mental health, recovery, Sober Living
11:00 AM asd, Autism, autism spectrum disorders, neurodivergence, neurodiversity
12:00 PM nursing, United Kingdom
12:00 PM Health Information, knowledge management, medical libraries
12:00 PM Diabetes, Diabetic
12:00 PM accessibility, neurodiversity
12:00 PM occupational therapy
01:00 PM addiction, Alcohol, recovery, substance abuse
01:00 PM Breast Cancer
04:00 PM healthcare social media, Latin America
05:30 PM health care leadership, health safety, healthcare ethics
06:00 PM Anatomy, education
06:00 PM Diabetes, diabetes education

Wednesday 18th

05:00 AM Psychiatry, psychiatry journal club, psychiatry research, Twitter Journal Club
09:00 AM ADHD, dyscalculia, Dyslexia, Learning disabilities
09:00 AM digital health, health care, Health IT, Health Policy, innovation
09:30 AM patient care, pharma, Pharmacist Provider Status, Pharmacy Business
10:00 AM elder care, elderly, geriatric, senior
12:00 PM Live doctors, physicians
12:00 PM Live mental health, Perinatal, perinatal mental health
12:00 PM Live healthcare social media, Nurse Education, nursing, nursing research
12:00 PM Live Diabetes, Germany, healthcare social media, mhealth
01:00 PM addiction, Eating Disorder, mental health, recovery, substance use disorder
01:00 PM Diabetes, diabetes advocacy, Diabetes Tipo 1, diabetes tipo 2, type 1 diabetes
02:00 PM acute care, emergency, emergency care, General Surgery, Surgery, trauma
02:00 PM Irish medicine, north + south
06:00 PM Diabetes, diabetes advocacy, Diabetes Tipo 1, diabetes tipo 2, type 1 diabetes
06:00 PM Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD
06:00 PM health and healing, health and spiritual growth, health and spiritual life
06:00 PM hospice, hospice and palliative medicine, palliative, palliative care
06:00 PM Arthritis, AutoImmune, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, mental health, Migraine
06:00 PM Counselling, Digital Mental Health, Interdisciplinary Research, mentalhealth
06:00 PM addiction, recovery, rehab

Thursday 19th

01:30 AM ANZ, cardiovascular, cardiovascular care, Cardiovascular Nursing, Heart Chat
04:30 AM nurse, nursing, United Kingdom
09:00 AM EHR, Health IT, healthcare marketing, medical billing, private practice
10:00 AM Arthritis, Gout, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, Lupus, patients, Rheumatology
11:00 AM digital health, fitness, mhealth apps, tools and lifestyle, wellness
11:00 AM Dementia, dementia research
12:00 PM nurses, nursing, United Kingdom
12:00 PM ambulance, paramedic, paramedicine, Prehospital Medicine
12:00 PM Alzheimer's Disease
12:00 PM medical education, online learning, students
01:00 PM addiction, Alcohol, drug abuse, Mental Illness, substance abuse
04:00 PM Health and Wellbeing, wellness, Women Health Care, womens health
04:00 PM chronic illness, Chronic Pain, Pain, quality of life, Self Care, self love
04:00 PM antimicrobial stewardship, Infectious Diseases
06:00 PM healthcare policy, public policy, Social Work
06:00 PM childbirth, lamaze, Natural ChildBirth, Pregnancy
06:00 PM doctor, medical education, physician

Friday 20th

09:00 AM health information technology, healthcare information technology, HITECH, HL7
10:00 AM epatients, patient education, patient engagement, patient experience

Saturday 21st

05:00 AM emerging technology in Philippine healthcare, healthcare professionals
08:30 PM Health regulation, Healthcare Business, Healthcare Business Models

Sunday 22nd

01:00 AM Australia, healthcare social media, New Zealand
12:00 PM Lupus, rheum, Rheumatology
12:00 PM public health, Twitter Journal Club
01:00 PM Borderline Personality Disorder
01:00 PM asd, Autism, autism spectrum disorders, neurodivergence, neurodiversity
05:00 PM caregiving, caring for children, caring for parents, caring for spouses
06:00 PM healthcare social media
07:00 PM mentalhealth, Prevention, suicide, Suicide Prevention

One-time and Irregularly Scheduled Tweet Chats

Initial Chat Date Hashtag Health Topics
Feb 6 2017 hospital medicine, JHM, Journal of Hospital Medicine, Quality Improvement, research
Jan 26 2017 colds and flu, Health and Wellbeing, mind and body, Sleep, stress, weight management
Jan 3 2017 Critical Care, inpatient care, patient care
Dec 15 2016 healthcare social media
Dec 14 2016 Health Activism
Dec 14 2016 Colon, colorectalsurgery, Crohn's Disease, ibd, nutrition, Surgery
Dec 14 2016 Health and Wellbeing, meditation, mindfulness, stress, stress management, yoga
Dec 12 2016 big data, clinical research, open data, research
Dec 12 2016 biotech, biotechnology, healthcare innovation, NIH, research funding, small business
Dec 7 2016 Asia, healthcare social media
Dec 7 2016 food safety
Dec 7 2016 Flu, flu vaccine, Influenza
Dec 6 2016 Flu, flu shot, flu vaccine, vaccination, vaccines
Dec 6 2016 Advanced Critical Care Practitioners, Intensive Care
Dec 5 2016 Cancer, Cancer Tag Ontology, Genetic Cancer
Dec 2 2016 Healthcare Collaboration, public health, wales
Dec 1 2016 Augmentative and Alternative Communication, Autism, children, high-tech
Nov 30 2016 Colon Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Colorectal Surgery, Rectal Cancer, robotic surgery
Nov 29 2016 data, ethics, health data, healthcare design, healthcare technology
Nov 23 2016 AIDS, HIV, hiv/aids, Viral Hepatitis
Nov 23 2016 Prostate Cancer, prostate cancer awareness, radiation therapy
Nov 22 2016 Internal Medicine
Nov 21 2016 All Cancers Social Media, Cancer
Nov 21 2016 bioethics, ethics, healthcare ethics, medical ethics
Nov 18 2016 Australia, Clinical Trials, medical research
Nov 16 2016 caregiver, Caregiver Support, Caregivers Social Media, caregiving, Health Information
Nov 16 2016 Coping With A Diagnosis and the Holidays
Nov 15 2016 Childhood Obesity, childhood obesity research, community collaborations, health care
Nov 14 2016 Diabetes, Diabetes Tipo 1, diabetes tipo 2, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes
Nov 11 2016 patient engagement, physiotherapy
Nov 10 2016 diabetes health care professionals
Nov 10 2016 Diabetes, diabetes tipo 2, endocrine disorders, endocrinology, public health
Nov 10 2016 mental health, social science
Nov 9 2016 ATA, healthcare information technology, healthcare technology, telehealth
Nov 9 2016 Cardiology, Electrophysiology, healthcare social media, implantable cardiac device
Nov 8 2016 public health
Nov 8 2016 International Day of Radiology, Radiology, Spain
Nov 8 2016 Colorectal Cancer, Endometrial cancer, hereditary cancer, lynch syndrome
Nov 3 2016 environmental health, Flu, flu vaccine, global health, Influenza
Nov 3 2016 Diabetes
Nov 3 2016 International Society of Pediatric Nephrology, Pediatric Nephrology
Nov 3 2016 AHSN, AHSNs, awards, health education, NHS, NHS England, Workforce Development
Nov 2 2016 Ophthalmology
Nov 2 2016 healthy eating, wellness
Nov 1 2016 Critical Care Nursing
Oct 29 2016 Manila, Philippines, UPCM
Oct 28 2016 Psoriasis, psoriasis awareness, world psoriasis day
Oct 28 2016 Psoriasis, world psoriasis day
Oct 27 2016 blood pressure, cardiovascular, Cardiovascular Disease, Health, Hypertension, women
Oct 27 2016 Cybersecurity, digital health, Health IT, healthcare IT
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