Dementia Hashtags

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#1year2longHealthcare Tweet Chats, , , , , ,
#1year2long is a live tweetchat on neurological disorders and the importance of an earlier diagnosis. This event will take place December 11th 3pm GMT…
#AAICHealthcare Conferences, ,

Learn. Share. Teach. Do it all at the AAIC, the world's leading forum on dementia research. Right now, scientists from around the globe are coming …

#AANAMHealthcare ConferencesAmerican Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting
21st April 2012 – 28th April 2012
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2012 Annual Meeting April 21 ? April 28 New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center 900 Convention Center Blvd. New Orleans, Louisiana http:/…
#AgingSummitHealthcare ConferencesAdvances in Geroscience: Impact on Healthspan and Chronic Disease
30th October 2013 – 31st October 2013
, , , , , , ,
The National Institutes of Health, with the support of the Alliance for Aging Research and the Gerontological Society of America, has organized a majo…
#AHPDementiaRegular, , , , ,
#AlzBooksRegular, , ,
#AlzChatHealthcare Tweet Chats, , ,
AlzChat is a live Twitter-driven event which takes place every Monday at 3pmEST (8pm UK time) where Alzheimer's & dementia carers share resources …
#AlzFactsRegular, ,
#AlzheimerDisease Hashtags,
Alzheimer's Disease is the most common form of dementia.
#AlzheimersDisease Hashtags,
Alzheimer's Disease is the most common form of dementia.
#AlzQAHealthcare Tweet Chats, ,
Join @AlzDisInt @MacHealthForum @WardHealth @MensHlthNetwork @PFCD on Tuesday, June 17 at 10AM ET for an online Q and A and twitter chat on the global…
#BAS2011Healthcare Conferences, , , ,
British Aphasiology Society Biennial International Conference,6-8th of September 2011, University of Reading. Papers on study and treatment of aphasi…
#BCHconf2014Healthcare ConferencesBristol Community Health AHP Conference 2014
31st January 2014 – 1st February 2014
, , , , , , ,
The annual AHP conference for allied health professionals in the UK, hosted by Bristol Community Health in Bristol. Be inspired by presentations from…
#bmedementiaHealthcare Tweet Chats, , , , ,
Dementia in Black and Minority Ethnic communities. Join the monthly #bmedementia chat. 7pm GMT / 2PM ET. First Monday of every month.
#CCD2015Healthcare ConferencesNational Conference on Dementia
1st October 2015 – 3rd October 2015
, , ,
The 8th CCD brings together national & international scholars to share clinically relevant, cutting-edge developments in dementia research. The pr…
#CforIHealthcare ConferencesConnecting for Improvement
17th March 2015 – 18th March 2015
, , , , , , , ,
A two day event on 17th & 18th March 2015 for Improving Care for Older People in acute care and Focus on Dementia programmes to demonstrate high q…
#CGS2014Healthcare ConferencesCanadian Geriatrics Society
1st January 2014 – 1st August 2014
, , ,
Canadian conference hosted by the CGS (Canadian Geriatric Society) takes place in Edmonton Alberta, April 2014.
#CIH114Healthcare Tweet Chats, , , , , , ,
Health in Colour is a mega tweet chat taking place on 17 April ALL DAY with guests, co-hosts and leading organizations giving their time to talk about…
#dembkRegular, , , ,
#dembkclubHealthcare Tweet Chats, , , , , , ,
Book club about dementia and life. Choices may surprise. When? Last Sunday of the month 7pm (GMT), 2pm (EST). Join us and suggest titles.
#DementiaDisease Hashtags,
Dementia is a serious loss of cognitive ability in a previously unimpaired person, beyond what might …
#Dementia2013Healthcare ConferencesDelivering Quality Outcomes for People with Dementia
2nd May 2013
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This conference chaired by Sarah Pickup, Co-Chair, Health and Champion Group of the National Dementia Challenge and with a Keynote Opening Address fro…
#DementiaChallengersDisease Hashtags, , , , , , ,
Dementia is a serious loss of cognitive ability in a previously unimpaired person, beyond what might …
#DementiaDeliriumHealthcare ConferencesMasterclass: Dementia & Delirium
4th April 2014
, , ,
This masterclass will enable and equip delegates to critically review their approaches to the care of patients with dementia and delirium. The aim is …
#dementiainbarnetHealthcare ConferencesDementia in Barnet: Early Diagnosis and Support
13th November 2014
, , ,
Event for local health and social care professionals to help with identifying and diagnosing the early signs of dementia. The event will feature case…