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#carecampHealthcare ConferencesCareCamp
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CARECAMP is the first CareCamp in Austria which focus on the topic "care" in all varieties Das CARECAMP ist das erste Barcamp im deutschsprachigen Raum, welches das Thema ”CARE” in den MIttelpunkt stellt. Mit dem CARECAMP wollen wir eine innovative … Continued

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#ClinicalauditnursesHealthcare ConferencesClinical Audit for Nurses Masterclass
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This Master Class will demonstrate the audit cycle step by step. The aim is to provide nurses with the confidence and key skills to enable them to conduct audits independently and effectively. The Master Class will be interactive from the … Continued

#CNOSummitHealthcare Conferences‘Delivering Excellence through Compassionate Care’ Chief Nursing Officer of England's Summit 2013
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#ICN2015Healthcare ConferencesInternational Council of Nurses 2015 Conference
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This international gathering of thousands of nurses will provide opportunities for nurses to build relationships and to disseminate nursing knowledge and leadership across specialties, cultures and countries. The conference theme is “Global Citizen, Global Nursing” More info:

#ICNAust2013Healthcare ConferencesInternational Council of Nurses 25th Quadrennial Congress: Equity and Access to Health Care
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The ICN 25th Quadrennial Congress will bring together evidence, experience and innovations highlighting the critical importance of equity and access to health care for communities and individuals, demonstrating how nurses are key to ensuring equal access and quality of health … Continued

#LDnursechatHealthcare Tweet Chats, , , , ,

Each fortnight a different topic will be selected pertaining to important issues with health and social care provision for those who support, care for and nurse individuals with learning disabilities. The upcoming topic will be advertised by @wenurses and ourselves … Continued

#MentalNursingHealthcare ConferencesNursing Staffing Levels and Skill Mix In Mental Health
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This conference focuses on ensuring safe and effective Nurse Staffing Levels and Skill mix in mental health settings– how to ensure the right people, with the right skills, are in the right place at the right time. @HCUK_Clare

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#nms13Healthcare ConferencesCatholic Health Australia Nursing and Midwifery Symposium
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Nurses from around Australia will explore leadership and innovation across the areas of clinical skills, business and midwifery. The symposium will also explore models of social outreach and provide opportunity to engage with the leaders of the Catholic health and … Continued

#nscommentHealthcare Tweet Chats, ,

Nursing Standard is the UK’s best selling nursing magazine. Keep up to date with news, views, clinical practice and careers. Join us every Thursday on Twitter at 12.30 GMT to discuss the hot topic of the day. @nscomment

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#nurseclinics14Healthcare ConferencesNurse Clinics 2014
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Nurse Clinics 2014 will once again provide nurses working at advanced practice with the opportunity to hear national updates and best practice for setting up and running nurse led clinics and services in primary and secondary care across a number … Continued

#NurseCompetenceHealthcare ConferencesDemonstrating and Expanding Nursing Competence
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This conference provides a practical guide to measuring, demonstrating and safely expanding nursing competence with a focus on delivering the competence element of the 6C’s and demonstrating competence in preparation for Nursing Revalidation. The day will focus on developing competence … Continued

#nursedischargeHealthcare ConferencesNurse Led Discharge
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Discharge planning is at the core of indicators for successful Hospital. This Masterclass offers the opportunity to interact with a skilled facilitator to guide new and practical ways of approaching Nurse Led Discharge and discharge planning issues. @HCUK_Clare

#NurseleadersLDNHealthcare ConferencesNurse Leaders from across London
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Nurse leaders from across london coming together

#nurseresearchHealthcare ConferencesMasterclass: Nursing Research
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This Masterclass will appeal to senior sisters; senior nurses and therapists with a responsibility to ensure audit, service developments and research work undertaken at a team, ward, service and corporate level are enacted in practice at ward level. (A) Have … Continued

#nurserevalidation14Healthcare ConferencesNursing Appraisal and Revalidation
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This conference focuses on the development of revalidation in nursing and the role a strengthened nursing appraisal plays in support of nursing revalidation. @HCUK_Clare

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#NursestaffingHealthcare ConferencesNurse Staffing Levels and Skillmix, London
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Chaired by the NHS Commissioning Board with a Keynote Address by the Royal College of Nursing, this conference focuses on getting staffing right for patient safety and high quality patient care. Topics will include: • Nursing Staffing Levels and Skillmix … Continued

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#nursingstaffingnhsHealthcare ConferencesNursing Staffing Levels and Skillmix
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This conference focuses on getting staffing right for patient safety and high quality patient care. @HCUK_Clare

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RNchat is a Twitter Community for Registered Nurses. Join the tweet chat every Thursdays at 9pm Eastern! Currently moderated by @PhilBaumann. You can also follow @RNchat for the latest updates. Registered Nurses are on Twitter and will finally have … Continued

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Stanford Medicine X 2014
Mayo Clinic Transform Symposium 2014