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#2014GGSummitHealthcare ConferencesGlobal Genes Patient Advocacy Summit

Global Genes – Allies in Rare Disease: 2014 Rare Disease Patient Advocacy Summit will offer practical advice, case studies, and networking opportunities as we learn from one another. The goal is to have patient advocates walk away with a better … Continued

#CoRDSchatHealthcare Tweet Chats, , , , ,

CoRDSchat is a live Twitter-driven event which takes place the last Friday of every month (Noon CST) CoRDSchat was founded by Liz Donohue, Director of the CoRDS (Coordination of Rare Diseases at Sanford) @SanfordCoRDS in February 2012. CoRDS chat brings … Continued

#wcadvocacyHealthcare ConferencesPatient Advocacy and Engagement
, , , , ,

Advocacy • Engagement • Empowerment • Change Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are getting more in tune with patient engagement every day and therefore trying to incorporate the voice and perspective of the patient in their initiatives – from product development … Continued

Digital Scholar Initiative - University of Southern California
Mayo Clinic Transform Symposium 2014