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#IVchatHealthcare Tweet Chats, ,
A Tweet Chat for Registered Nurses and other healthcare professionals involved in the specialty practice of infusion therapy and vascular access. Mode…
#NNBA2012Healthcare ConferencesHealthcare Self-Employment Entrepreneurial Summit
18th August 2012 – 19th August 2012
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The NNBA 2012 conference, Aug 18-19. Orlando, FL For nurse entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be. Discover emerging opportunities for self-employed RN…
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Uniting nurses through twitter. Through tough times, we'll unite and show the world why we do a job others only dare to criticize! Moderator: @nurs

#ORWordHealthcare Tweet Chats, , , , , , ,
We are building an OR glossary for a book that will be coming out, and we want to hear what words are used in the operating room where you work-Please…
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#RNchat, ,
RNchat is a Twitter Community for Registered Nurses. Join the tweet chat every Thursdays at 9pm Eastern! Currently moderated by @PhilBaumann. You can …
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