The Weekly Scoop #2 – Best Practices in Healthcare Social Media

The Weekly Scoop #2 – Best Practices in Healthcare Social Media

Social Media Policy: Lessons Learned


Are you still contemplating whether your organization needs to create and enforce a detailed social media policy? Then consider this: A Georgia health system has fired three employees and disciplined five others after a digital image of a male patient’s pelvic region showed up on Facebook and was texted by cell phone.

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More Patients Meeting With Doctors Via Web Programs


Patients are increasingly utilizing online web cameras to meet with their physicians, adding to ways that healthcare services are being delivered online

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Social media helps doctors manage their online reputation


This post is directed more at the clinician that is currently not involved in social media but is strongly considering it. Good information on social media practical tools that will assist the clinician in strengthening their brand and managing their online reputation. Definitely a good read for the clinician who is a social media novice.

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Healthcare Social Media in Practice

“Healthcare Social Media in Practice” is our pick of the week display of great social media execution in the healthcare industry

Childrens Hosp L.A. on Twitter


Spreading the word about work that prevents the spread of disease and heals sick & injured kids.”

Childrens Hospital L.A. does a great job on their Twitter presence. With over 3000 followers, they are able to spread their tweets with great impact. Their tweets clearly show that there are real people authoring them. They are part of the conversation, not a one-way broadcaster.

“PLS RT Our hospital needs platelet donors!

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About The Scoop

At Symplur we’re committed to providing you as professional healthcare provider with everything you need to understand, position yourself, and to take advantage of the fundamental shift that is taking place in marketing a medical practice.

To that end, each week this page will highlight best practices in healthcare social media that we have come across on the web or from healthcare conferences in order to further your knowledge of the opportunities before you.

We will showcase both healthcare social media consultants and experts who speak out on the subject, as well as those sites that demonstrate what we feel are the best in healthcare social media with examples of how to put the concept of a healthcare online presence to work for their healthcare businesses.

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