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Introducing Gastroenterology Tag Ontology

In 2016, the Gastroenterology Tag Ontology (GTO) was developed to better curate and co-localize academic discussion on Twitter, following the lead of our Urology, Radiology, and Hematology/Oncology colleagues at the … Continued

Introducing Hematology Tag Ontology

The Hematology Tag Ontology (HTO, Table 3) is presented here to help organize social media content of interest to hematologists and with some overlap with the CTO and OTO as well as newly devised content.

Urology Tag Ontology – 2017 Update

The social media platform Twitter has had an invigorating impact on communication between urological healthcare professionals by enabling rapid and global information exchange.1, 2 Prime examples of Twitter use in … Continued

The Urology Tag Ontology Project

Urologists have been on the forefront of harnessing Social Media for professional use. Urological Organizations and Journals have used Social Media to lower barriers for information dissemination [1,2] [3] [4]. … Continued