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The leading social intelligence platform, designed exclusively for the healthcare industry.

How Symplur Works

We track public healthcare conversations happening on Twitter.
Millions of shared content pieces are then analyzed.
Data is added and stored in our Healthcare Social Graph.
Insights are distributed to our platform in stunning visualizations.

Discover Who’s Talking and Who’s Listening

We enrich social profiles with relevant practice demographics, claims data, and more. This reveals insights into an HCPs clinical experience and practice, right when they appear in a conversation. Our SymplurRank® algorithm ranks topics, people and content by who’s talking and who’s listening, generating an unmatched industry signal-to-noise ratio that helps you focus on the voices you need to monitor.

Utilize 10 Years of Curated Data

Our Healthcare Social Graph® comprises a growing taxonomy of 35,000 terms that we listen for in social conversations, every day. Mapped with over 1 million social profiles linked to 20 healthcare stakeholder segments, Symplur lets users filter by topic to surface relevant conversations and analyze specific therapeutic areas or disease states.

Healthcare-Designed Listening Algorithms Search for Relevant Content

Our bots crawl content, focusing on the articles, videos, and podcasts with the highest engagement among HCPs and other stakeholders. Algorithms used by Symplur are fine-tuned for the medical context and surface the key voices important in shaping healthcare conversations.

What Symplur can do for you

Use Cases
Map Impactful Healthcare Voices
Conversation and Sentiment Analysis
Scientific Content Strategy

A lot is happening in the world of Symplur.

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