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#ALMA_2013Healthcare Conferences5th Annual Lifestyle Medicine Conference
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The Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association are proud to present the 5th Annual Conference on Lifestyle Medicine from 13th-15th September, 2013. Bringing together key opinion leaders and health professionals with a special interest in chronic disease management and lifestyle medicine. Come … Continued

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#CCHealthTipRegular, , , , , , , ,
#europreventHealthcare ConferencesEuropean Society of Cardiology: EuroPrevent
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We are delighted to welcome you to Amsterdam for EuroPRevent, the premiere international forum for Preventive Cardiology. This year’s theme is “Global Cardiovascular Health”.

#fallschatHealthcare Tweet Chats, , , , , ,

A one day event in Kent, UK bringing together health and social care professionals with members of the public to debate the issue of preventing falls in Kent. The guest speaker is Dr Dawn Skelton, falls prevention expert from Glasgow … Continued

#HealthyChatHealthcare Tweet Chats, ,

Healthy Chat is a live Twitter-driven event which takes place every Tuesday at 8pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time – around 11am UK time). It was set up and is monitored by Bupa Australia, a healthcare organisation, in order to … Continued

#MACP2014Healthcare ConferencesMACP Conference 2014
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This is the 2014 MACP conference that will be held in London on Saturday 25th October 2014.

#Manipalooza2014Healthcare ConferencesManipalooza 2014
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Manipalooza is a 3-day festival of hands on learning in manipulation, soft tissue techniques, pain management strategies, sports PT, and practice management. Participants will learn the most cutting edge techniques from experts in the PT field.

#marathonchatHealthcare Tweet Chats, , , ,

#marathonchat with Minneapolis Star Tribune on the Twin Cities Marathon. Oct. 2 from 1-2 PM ET

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#PAGuidelinesRegular, , , , , ,
#PowerofTodayRegular, , , , ,
#rcpeDiabetes13Healthcare ConferencesDiabetes - Past Triumphs, Current Challenges, Future Horizons
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Diabetes and obesity are developing as global pandemics with major implications to healthcare systems and to the health of society. Faced with such a marked increase in disease prevalence, most physicians need a basic understanding of diabetes management and approaches … Continued

#SCFitFridaysRegular, ,
#SmartAboutDiabetesHealthcare Tweet Chats, , ,

Type 2 diabetes twitter party from 7-8 PM CT

#YAcancer14Healthcare ConferencesYoung Adult Cancer Conference
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The Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center’s Young Adult Program is hosting its 11th annual Young Adult Cancer Conference on Saturday, March 29 for young adults with cancer and their loved ones. Meet your peers and learn strategies for managing your … Continued

#YWM2014Healthcare Conferences2014 Your Weight Matters National Convention
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The Your Weight Matters Convention, produced and presented by the Obesity Action Coalition, is the premier educational event on topics of weight and health bringing together experts from around the country to present the latest information on proven weight-loss techniques. … Continued

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Mayo Clinic Transform Symposium 2014