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#PASCHealthcare Conferences
The Practice Administrative Staff Collaborative aims to develop the skills and role of practice administrative teams in GP practice settings. It is a …
#gpjcHealthcare Tweet Chats
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GP Journal Club (#gpjc) uses Twitter to discuss primary care relevant research, guidelines, and editorials. Each month we have a different co-chair, w…
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Aortic Stenosis is when the aortic valve does not open fully, decreasing blood flow from the heart.
#PrimaryCareNetworksHealthcare Tweet Chats
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Dr @NikkiKF hosts another tweet chat for all those working across England on the development of primary care networks. These tweet chats are held m…
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#AYRIHealthcare Conferences
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9th Biennial 'Are You Remotely Interested?' Conference 2018 Realising Remote Possibilities – 20 Years On. A gathering of rural health professional…

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