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#EFPpatientsHealthcare Conferences
Patient Summit Europe
19th October 2017 – 20th October 2017
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The Eyeforpharma Patient Summit is a two-day event dedicated to discussing, debating and advancing the role of the patient within the entire life-cycl…
#PCORIHealthcare Conferences
Transforming Patient-Centered Research: Building Partnerships and Promising Models
27th October 2012 – 28th October 2012
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The event, Transforming Patient-Centered Research: Building Partnerships and Promising Models, will be a highly energized gathering of 150 patients an…
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#PX2018Healthcare Conferences
Patient Experience Conference 2018
16th April 2018 – 18th April 2018
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Patient Experience Conference is the largest independent, non-provider or vendor hosted event bringing together the collective voices of healthcare pr…
#PlanetreeConfHealthcare Conferences
2016 Planetree International Conference on Patient-Centered Care
30th October 2016 – 2nd November 2016
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Join over 1,000 of your peers, patients, caregivers, and healthcare’s world-class experts at the 2016 Planetree International Conference on Patient-…
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#healthanalyticsHealthcare Conferences
SAS Health and Life Sciences Conference
15th May 2013
The SAS Health Care & Life Sciences Virtual Conference convenes leaders from the health care provider, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and health in…
#QF18Healthcare Conferences
Quality Forum 2018
21st February 2018 – 23rd February 2018
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#QF18 will feature presentations and interactive workshops on a variety of topics related to improving quality across the continuum of care. They’re…

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