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#peoplepoweredhealthHealthcare Conferences
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The event explores the idea of the 'end of patients' by showcasing examples of how people are creating health and wellbeing themselves
#psicareHealthcare Conferences
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Connected Care Camp 7th December London is bringing together professionals, people who use services, carers and volunteers from care, health, housing,…
#chsd15Healthcare Conferences
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mHealth has accelerated adoption and engagement with bespoke services and data to change behavior and revolutionize healthcare delivery. Find out whe…
#LFFdigitalHealthcare Conferences
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Innovation in the digital sphere can be complex and risky and there are not sufficient opportunities to share wisdom drawn from experience in differen…
#agecamp2016Healthcare Conferences
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#AgeCamp2016 is about solving problems, launching new ideas, getting support for projects, forging collaborations, testing products, or whatever else …
#ADASSspringHealthcare Conferences
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The Spring Seminar for ADASS members offers a range of workshops and seminars, ranging from making care personalised to the financial pressures facin…
#AMIA2016Healthcare Conferences
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11/12-16 2016: AMIA 2016 Annual Symposium is the 40th anniversary of the Symposium. The 2016 Scientific Program Committee wants this year to be a home…
#kentdigicareHealthcare Conferences
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The Kent Care in a Digital Age programme explores how digital technology can help to improve the wellbeing of individuals who need care and support as…
#icpireland2016Healthcare Conferences
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2nd National integrated care forum celebrating innovations in integrated care in Ireand

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