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#HMIVirtualHealthcare Conferences
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This Harvard Macy Institute modular program supports health care professionals and educators as they adapt new technologies and approaches into the le…
#agedoesnotmatterHealthcare Conferences
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The "Age Does Not Matter" festival is bringing together designers, citizens, brands, government and organisations to share thoughts about how to make …
#CareAppsHealthcare Conferences
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Showcase of care apps for use by people needing care and support for Carers. Encouraging informal networks and partnerships between social entreprene…
#DigitalPsychiatryHealthcare Conferences
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Digital technology in medicine is an idea whose time has come. It is starting to change our health, defining the way we live, the way we understand me…
#FH18Healthcare Conferences
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Frontiers Health is the healthcare innovation edition of Frontiers Conferences. Designed to provide a unique platform to learn, exchange and get ins…
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#IHFBrisbane2018Healthcare Conferences
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The World Hospital Congress is the annual conference of the International Hospital Federation. Each year it brings hospital and health service leaders…
#HIMSSDMHealthcare Conferences
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In a joint collaboration, HIMSS and the Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust have designed a Hospital Tour on the ward and in the Salford Digital Experi…
#FOHForumHealthcare Conferences
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Annual event for senior executives seeking to prepare their healthcare organizations to meet the needs of a rapidly transforming industry. Hosted by A…

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