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#DigitalMHNextStepsHealthcare Conferences
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Bringing together experts in the field to highlight and discuss the latest research in apps and digital tech in mental health services.
#vecmsHealthcare Conferences
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#WDCDSMSHealthcare Tweet Chats
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Ascensia Diabetes Care supports the Diabetes Social Media Summit at the World Diabetes Congress.
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#AHIPcxHealthcare Conferences
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AHIP Consumer Experience & Digital Health Forum addresses marketing and branding, strategic planning and business development, innovation, consume…
#HMIHCEHealthcare Conferences
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This activity provides health care educators with the skills needed to make use of current technology and social medial tools to support teaching and …
#VCT2019Healthcare Conferences
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Virtual clinical trials bring the clinical trial experience to the patient. We will look at current and future trends for ongoing virtual trials, divi…
#HIMSSDMHealthcare Conferences
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In a joint collaboration, HIMSS and the Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust have designed a Hospital Tour on the ward and in the Salford Digital Experi…
#agedoesnotmatterHealthcare Conferences
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The "Age Does Not Matter" festival is bringing together designers, citizens, brands, government and organisations to share thoughts about how to make …

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