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#womeninmedicineHealthcare Tweet Chats
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#womeninmedicine chat is a tweetchat to discuss the issues that women face in medicine ever Sunday @ 9-10pm EST. The goals of this chat are to provide…
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#HCLDRHealthcare Tweet Chats
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#HCLDR is a strong and vibrant online community of people who all share a passion for improving healthcare. We gather every Tuesday at 8:30pm ET (GMT-…
#AMAmtgHealthcare Conferences
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National conference for the American Medical Association House of Delegates. Meets twice per year -- June and November.
#ACIPC22Healthcare Conferences
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The theme for this year’s conference is: Leading through the expanding horizons of IPC. IPC is a critical element within health, both acute and comm…
#JHMChatHealthcare Tweet Chats
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#ProjectMHealthcare Tweet Chats
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Are you a team leader or the manager of team leaders in the NHS or a NHS partner? There's a new initiative starting called #ProjectM to give you supp…
#IHIForumHealthcare Conferences
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The IHI National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care is a four-day conference that has been the home of quality improvement (QI) in health car…

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