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#HITsmHealthcare Tweet Chats
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Fridays at 11 a.m. CT, leaders in health IT meet to discuss industry trends and how social media influences the outcomes of those initiatives. To foll…
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#JornadesRDIHealthcare Conferences
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La sensòrica es posiciona com un element tecnològic clau per millorar la qualitat de vida de les persones, especialment en els àmbits de la salut i…
#HIC18Healthcare Conferences
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The Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA) is pleased to invite you to participate in HIC 2018, Australia’s premier digital health, health i…
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#HealthcareConferenceHealthcare Conferences
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Symhealth 2017 on International Healthcare conferences on healthcare in globalizing word, in Date May 4,5 and 6 2017. The International healthcare con…
#HealthFurther16Healthcare Conferences
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Health:Further is the event for people who believe that we can make healthcare better, together. Designed to bring all of healthcare's stakeholders to…
#virtualrealityNHSHealthcare Conferences
Virtual Reality in healthcare has now been used to relieve pain, for physical therapy, to reduce fear, anxiety and phobia and for cognitive rehabilita…

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