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Sunday Sep 17th

Australia, healthcare social media, New Zealand
Lupus, rheum, Rheumatology
asd, Autism, autism spectrum disorders, neurodivergence, neurodiversity
Borderline Personality Disorder
caregiving, caring for children, caring for parents, caring for spouses
healthcare social media
mentalhealth, Prevention, suicide, Suicide Prevention

Monday Sep 18th

global health, hospice, palliative medicine
Child Abuse, Childhood sexual abuse, mental health, psychology, Psychotherapy
Depression, postpartum depression, Psychiatric Disorders
healthcare social media, Young Adults, young people, youth
birth, birth trauma, maternal health, NICU, perinatal mental health, PTSD
Alzheimer's Disease, caregiving, Dementia
complementary treatments, holistic health
Multiple Sclerosis
Depression, postpartum depression, Psychiatric Disorders
bioethics, medical ethics, medical humanities, medical sociology/anthropology
Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Social Media, Cancer, Cancer Tag Ontology
abuse, Domestic Abuse, Domestic Violence, support, survivorship

Tuesday Sep 19th

Australia, Diabetes
Cancer, Childhood Obesity, Diabetes, health disparities, Latino health
Health and Wellbeing, medicine, mental health, Prevention, wellness
addiction, mental health, recovery, Sober Living
asd, Autism, autism spectrum disorders, neurodivergence, neurodiversity
occupational therapy
Health Information, knowledge management, medical libraries
Diabetes, Diabetic
School Nursing
accessibility, neurodiversity
addiction, Alcohol, recovery, substance abuse
Breast Cancer
healthcare social media, Latin America
health care leadership, health safety, healthcare ethics
Diabetes, diabetes education
Chronic Kidney Disease, dialysis, Hypertension, hyponatremia, Kidney Cancer
Anatomy, education

Wednesday Sep 20th

Psychiatry, psychiatry journal club, psychiatry research, Twitter Journal Club
ADHD, dyscalculia, Dyslexia, Learning disabilities
digital health, health care, Health IT, Health Policy, innovation
patient care, pharma, Pharmacist Provider Status, Pharmacy Business
elder care, elderly, geriatric, senior
mental health, Perinatal, perinatal mental health
district nursing
doctors, physicians
Diabetes, Germany, healthcare social media, mhealth
addiction, Eating Disorder, mental health, recovery, substance use disorder
Diabetes, diabetes advocacy, Diabetes Tipo 1, diabetes tipo 2, type 1 diabetes
Derechos, encefalomielitis miálgica, Investigacion, millones ausentes
acute care, emergency, emergency care, General Surgery, Surgery, trauma
Irish medicine, north + south
hospice, hospice and palliative medicine, palliative, palliative care
Counselling, Digital Mental Health, Interdisciplinary Research, mentalhealth
Diabetes, diabetes advocacy, Diabetes Tipo 1, diabetes tipo 2, type 1 diabetes
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD
Arthritis, AutoImmune, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, mental health, Migraine
addiction, recovery, rehab
health and healing, health and spiritual growth, health and spiritual life

Thursday Sep 21st

ANZ, cardiovascular, cardiovascular care, Cardiovascular Nursing, Heart Chat
nurse, nursing, United Kingdom
EHR, Health IT, healthcare marketing, medical billing, private practice
Arthritis, Gout, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, Lupus, patients, Rheumatology
digital health, fitness, mhealth apps, tools and lifestyle, wellness
Healthcare Quality Improvement, Person-Centred Care, Triple Aim
medical education, online learning, students
Alzheimer's Disease
nurses, nursing, United Kingdom
Healthcare Quality Improvement
ambulance, paramedic, paramedicine, Prehospital Medicine
intellectual disabilities, Learning disabilities, mental health, nurse
addiction, Alcohol, drug abuse, Mental Illness, substance abuse
Health and Wellbeing, wellness, Women Health Care, womens health
antimicrobial stewardship, Infectious Diseases
chronic illness, Chronic Pain, Pain, quality of life, Self Care, self love
Cancer, Cancer Tag Ontology, Lung Cancer, Lung Cancer Social Media
childbirth, lamaze, Natural ChildBirth, Pregnancy
doctor, medical education, physician
healthcare policy, public policy, Social Work

Friday Sep 22nd

health information technology, healthcare information technology, HITECH, HL7
meditation, nutrition, wellness, yoga

Saturday Sep 23rd

emerging technology in Philippine healthcare, healthcare professionals
Health regulation, Healthcare Business, Healthcare Business Models

Sunday Sep 24th

Australia, healthcare social media, New Zealand
6Cs, Care Makers, change, Compassion, healthcare social media
asd, Autism, autism spectrum disorders, neurodivergence, neurodiversity
Borderline Personality Disorder
Pediatric Urology, Pediatric Urology Journal Club, Pediatrics, Urologist
athletic training, Sports Medicine
healthcare social media
mentalhealth, Prevention, suicide, Suicide Prevention

One-time and Irregularly Scheduled Tweet Chats

Initial Chat Date Hashtag Health Topics
Sep 29 2017 addiction, addictions, Opioids, stigma
Sep 27 2017 Chronic Pain, opiate, Opioids, Pain
Sep 27 2017 Childhood Obesity, childhood obesity research, community collaborations, health care
Sep 25 2017 #ILookLikeASurgeon, Feminist Fight Club Book, Gender Equality, Women in Medicine
Sep 21 2017 Diabetes, healthcare professionals
Sep 7 2017 epatients, patient empowerment
Aug 31 2017 patient and public involvement, research, standards
Aug 30 2017 AAMC, ERAS, LoR, medical education, medical students, NRMP, residency
Aug 23 2017 pediatric stroke, Stroke, Stroke Awareness
Aug 23 2017 cystic fibrosis
Aug 17 2017 community of practice, Faculty Development, FOAM, foamed, graduate medical education
Aug 10 2017 Endocrine, Patient Centered Care, research, Surgery, Thyroid Cancer
Jul 28 2017 Book Club, Doctors Book Club
Jul 27 2017 innovation, mental health, mental health awareness, Mental Illness, suicide
Jul 24 2017 Healthcare Quality Improvement, hospital medicine, research, Twitter Journal Club
Jul 20 2017 integrated care, mental health, mental health awareness
Jul 19 2017 EHR, health information technology, healthcare innovation, healthcare technology
Jul 18 2017 Health Policy
Jul 17 2017 Cybersecurity, digital health, healthcare, healthcare innovation, healthcare IT
Jul 13 2017 Belgium, digital health
Jul 12 2017 mental health, Minority mental health
Jul 12 2017 burnout, Healthcare Leadership, physician burnout, physician leadership
Jul 4 2017 Critical Care Outreach, family medicine, Intensive Care
Jul 1 2017 paramedic, paramedicine
Jun 29 2017 autoimmune disease, NIH, Scleroderma, systemic sclerosis
Jun 29 2017 mental health, social care, Social Work
Jun 22 2017 Health care men
Jun 22 2017 Cardiology, Electrophysiology, implantable cardiac device
Jun 20 2017 activisim, Clinical Trials
Jun 20 2017 health care quality
Jun 19 2017 Infectious Diseases, mentoring, pharmacy, research
Jun 8 2017 digital health, health care providers, Health IT, healthcare innovation, payers
Jun 6 2017 Weaning from mechanical ventilation
Jun 5 2017 Hidradenitis Suppurativa, Skin Disorders
Jun 5 2017 mentoring, trauma, Trauma Care
Jun 2 2017 #FGID, Gastroenterology, healthcare social media, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, stress
Jun 1 2017 Cancer, Cancer Tag Ontology, Genetic Cancer
May 31 2017 cancer prevention, Cessation Care, Tobacco, tobacco cessation, Tobacco Dependence
May 29 2017 nutrition, older patients
May 25 2017 asthma pregnancy
May 25 2017 Genetic counseling, genetic counselor, genetic testing, genetics, health advocacy
May 25 2017 mental health, mental health awareness, mental illness stigma
May 24 2017 cardiac surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery, medical education, mentoring
May 24 2017 Asthma, Exercise Induced Asthma
May 23 2017 Aboriginal health
May 23 2017 Cancer, cancer research, genomics, healthcare innovation, Rare Disease
May 19 2017 American Pain Society
May 18 2017 Asthma, respiratory disease, severe asthma
May 17 2017 Breast Cancer, parenting
May 17 2017 AAFP, American Academy of Family Physicians, Direct Primary Care, family medicine
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