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Initial Chat Date Hashtag Health Topics
Sep 25 2019 Diabetes, Hypoglycemia, severe hypoglycemia
Apr 12 2021 Laboratory Medicine, Medical Education, Medical Laboratory Science, public health
Mar 25 2021 Laboratory Medicine, Lung Cancer, NSCLC, Pathology
Mar 24 2021 Diversity, inclusion, Women in Healthcare, women in lifesciences, Women In Science
Mar 11 2021 Thyroid Cancer
Mar 9 2021 American College of Surgeons, Breast Cancer, Cancer, Cancer Operative Standards
Mar 3 2021 acute pain, Chronic Pain, Pain, pain research, pediatric pain
Feb 25 2021 Anemia, Chronic Kidney Disease, hypoxia, IV iron, Nephrologist, Nephrology
Feb 25 2021 Biosimiliars, heor
Feb 24 2021 Breast Cancer, Breast Cancer Advocacy, breast cancer screening, breast density
Feb 24 2021 maternal health, maternal morbidity, maternal mortality
Feb 23 2021 Minority Health, postpartum depression
Feb 22 2021 heart transplant, kidney transplantation, Liver Transplant, lung transplant
Feb 17 2021 Cardio, Cardiology, Congestive Heart Failure, heart, Heart Failure, heart health
Jan 27 2021 Diabetes, diabetes tipo 2, endocrine disorders, endocrinology, public health
Jan 21 2021 Allergy and Immunology, Medical Education, Twitter Journal Club
Dec 14 2020 Medical Education, Neurocritical Care, Neurology, pharmacy, Twitter Journal Club
Dec 14 2020 future of work, healthcare innovation, healthtech, Innovation, Intelligent Automation
Dec 8 2020 coproduction, patient and public involvement, patient engagement, patient partnership
Nov 25 2020 Healthcare Leadership, NHS, NHS Leadership
Nov 19 2020 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity, type 2 diabetes
Nov 18 2020 antimicrobial resistance
Nov 18 2020 Antibiotic resistance, antibiotic stewardship, antibiotics, care homes, probiotics
Nov 17 2020 chronic disease management, chronic illness, Chronic Pain, patient advocacy, patients
Nov 5 2020 methodology, trial conduct research
Oct 30 2020 black surgeons, Diversity, society of black academic surgeons, Twitter Journal Club
Oct 29 2020 Disability, Innovation, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, South Africa, Special Needs
Oct 27 2020 healthy housing, lead exposure, lead poisoning
Oct 20 2020 Evidence Based Practice, evidence-based healthcare, implementation science
Oct 20 2020 black, black academic surgeons, Black in Healthcare, black surgeons
Oct 20 2020 Access to Care, Black Health, Cardiology, Electrophysiology, health equity, Racism
Oct 18 2020 Medical Education, medical student education, medical students
Oct 13 2020 clot, thrombosis, VTE
Sep 26 2020 Arthritis, rheumatic diseases, Rheumatoid Arthritis
Sep 15 2020 ageing, Book Club, death, elder care, End of Life Care, geriatrics, Older People
Sep 15 2020 Quality Improvement
Sep 15 2020 Anticoagulation, Catheter directed thrombolysis, Deep Vein Thrombosis, pulmonary
Sep 8 2020 mental health, Self Care, Suicide Prevention
Sep 3 2020 Cytology, Cytopathology, Pathology, Twitter Journal Club
Sep 2 2020 healthcare technology, telecare, telehealth, telemedicine, virtual care
Sep 1 2020 ageing, caregiving, caring for one another, child care, COVID-19, elder care
Aug 30 2020 Infectious disease medicine, Infectious Diseases, Medical Education
Aug 25 2020 Equity, Health Activism, healthcare advocacy, physician advocacy, Racism
Jul 23 2020 patient advocacy, patient engagement, patient experience, patients, Rheumatologist
Jul 8 2020 COVID-19, digital health, Electrophysiology, global health, Heart Rhythm
Jul 8 2020 Cardiothoracic Surgery, robotic surgery
Jul 7 2020 design, healthcare design, healthcare innovation, healthtech, Medical Devices
Jul 1 2020 respiratory care, respiratory physiotherapy
Jun 30 2020 Pathology
Jun 18 2020 community, health equity, leadership, policy, public health, Racism, social justice