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#ASCPHealthcare Tweet Chats

ASCP is taking part in the joint Twitter chat between ACCP IDPRN, SIDP, and ASCP focused on LTC Stewardship! This chat is schedule for September 18th …
#KeepAntibioticsWorkingHealthcare Tweet Chats
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On Monday 23rd October, Public Health England (PHE) launches a national campaign ‘Keep Antibiotics Working’ highlighting to the public that taking…
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#ENAABLERSHealthcare Conferences
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#Sasocp2018Healthcare Conferences
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8th annual conference of the society of clinical pharmacy. 7-9th June 2018. Venue Ingwenya Lodge. 2 International speakers. Marc Gilchrist and Jacqui …
#CPhOCHealthcare Conferences
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The Chief Pharmaceutical Officer's Conference will explore how we can and should equip pharmacy professionals to rise to the challenge facing the NHS …
#ASPChatHealthcare Tweet Chats
Bringing together antimicrobial stewards from across the world.
#madid14Healthcare Conferences
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Pharmacists, physicians, and other providers will participate in a 3-day educational symposium including interactive workshops specifically designed t…
#kcasp16Healthcare Conferences
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The 7th Annual International Antimicrobial Stewardship Conference, jointly sponsored by Children’s Mercy Kansas City and The Pediatric Infectious Di…

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