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#HealthequitynowHealthcare Tweet Chats

Historic Assembly on Health Equity and Prosperity at u of MD
#HealthMattersHealthcare Tweet Chats
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Social journalism project Croakey is live tweeting at and after the Labor National Health Policy Summit in Canberra, seeking to track policy developme…
#MoveEquityHealthcare Tweet Chats
The July 20, 2016 Tweet Chat discussed the challenges and opportunities for creating equitable transportation networks that serve people with disabili…
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#MarmotOzHealthcare Tweet Chats
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Sir Michael Marmot is visiting Australia to deliver the Boyer lectures, and and @WePublicHealth are hosting a week-long Twitter discussion…
#HealthEquitySystemsHealthcare Conferences
Building a Systems Approach to Community Health and Health Equity for Academic Medical Centers
23rd February 2017
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The nation’s academic medical centers & their public health, community-based, and other partners are working to achieve health equity. To ensure…
#hcsmctHealthcare Tweet Chats
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Health Care Social Media Connecticut is a tweet chat in which most of the participants are health care advocates in Connecticut.

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