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#HITsmHealthcare Tweet Chats
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Fridays at 11 a.m. CT, leaders in health IT meet to discuss industry trends and how social media influences the outcomes of those initiatives. To foll…
#eHF17Healthcare Conferences
eHealth Forum International Conference and Exhibition
19th October 2017 – 24th October 2017
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This October from the 19th to 24th 2017, we will be promoting eHealth through an international event in the centre of Athens, at the hip Technopolis A…
#CIOchatHealthcare Tweet Chats
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Monthly Tweetchat hosted by @SearchCIO.  Topics include all matters of concern to CIOs or health systems and/or healthcare delivery enterprises.  Mo…
#JHDigitalHealth17Healthcare Conferences
Johns Hopkins Digital Health Day 2017
16th October 2017
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The Johns Hopkins Digital Health day will be held inside the Johns Hopkins Hospital in the Chevy Chase Auditorium. The event will highlight our facul…
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