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#healthcongressHealthcare Conferences
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Thirteen World Congress on Healthcare and Technologies Dublin, Ireland | June 14-15, 2018 Healthcare Conferences | Public Health Conferences | Health…
#AHIMACON18Healthcare Conferences

AHIMA’s 90th Convention & Exhibit offers recognition, education, and networking opportunities to a wide spectrum of healthcare professionals and…
#HIMAA12Healthcare Conferences

The Health Information Management Association of Australia's 2012 Conference on "Surfing the Wave of Health Reform" will focus on the c…
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#AHIMACon12Healthcare Conferences
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The 84th AHIMA Convention & Exhibit will draw HIM professionals from all areas of health informatics and information management for a week-long fo…
#AHIMACon19Healthcare Conferences
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AHIMA’s centerpiece event is the AHIMA Convention and Exhibit. Each year, thousands come together to discuss the important topics and trends affecti…
#AHIMACon13Healthcare Conferences
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The 85th AHIMA Convention and Exhibit will draw health information management (HIM) thought leaders and professionals and healthcare executives from a…
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