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#CIC20Healthcare Conferences
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CIC is where practitioners in health informatics including physicians, nurses, physician assistants, technicians, HIT developers, data analysts, C-sui…
#DHS2022Healthcare Conferences
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Australia’s destination event for the digital health workforce of the future. How will your healthcare profession continue to meet the challenges of…
#ISChileHealthcare Conferences
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Simposio Chileno de Informática en Salud: Goal: Provide an annual gathering to discuss the development of health informatics in Chile from an academ…
#iHealth16Healthcare Conferences
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iHealth is the educational program where clinical informaticians convene, share, and learn about implementing team-based, integrated healthcare driven…
#nursingscientexconferenceHealthcare Conferences
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The International Conference on Nursing and Women's Healthcare provides the best platform in bringing the mass network of researchers in the field of…
#NIA16Healthcare Conferences
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NIA 2016 is Australia’s only dedicated event featuring nursing informatics presentations – AND it has an impressive 20+ year history! To be hel…
#NI2021Healthcare Conferences
NI 2021 is the official conference of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) nursing informatics special interest group. In Australi…
#ANIA18Healthcare Conferences
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National ANIA conference at the Hilton Buena Vista Palace in Orlando. Network with your informatics colleagues, increase your knowledge of current tre…

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