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#beyondtheseaHealthcare Conferences
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Beyond the Sea webinar by @nnlmsea
#medlibsHealthcare Tweet Chats
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The Medlibs Twitter chat topics are selected and published at the #medlibs chat blog, Inaugural chat held June 21, 20…
#chlaabsc19Healthcare Conferences
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CHLA/ABSC holds an annual conference which provides an important opportunity for members, health sciences and medical librarians and other stakeholder…
#CHLAABSC20Healthcare Conferences
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The 2020 Canadian Health Libraries Association/Association des bibliothèques de la santé du Canada Annual (CHLA/ABSC) Conference will be held in bea…
#mladisparitiesHealthcare Tweet Chats
The Health Disparities SIG of the Medical Library Association's monthly twitter chat about ways for medical libraries to be involved with raising awar…
#mlanet20Healthcare Conferences
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This is MLA’s premier event for medical librarians and other health information professionals, and exhibitors.
#hlg2014Healthcare Conferences
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"Attention will shift from the library to the librarian. The information professional is the library of the future.” Sage BL Summit 2012 Tw…
#mlanet21Healthcare Conferences
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MLA’s premier event draws more than 1,500 participants including medical librarians and other health information professionals, international attend…
#mlanet15Healthcare Conferences
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Medical Library Association nonprofit, educational organization with more than 4,000 health sciences information professional members and partners wor…

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