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#ukmedlibsHealthcare Tweet Chats
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#ukmedlibs is a tweet chat for anyone with an interest in library and knowledge issues in health.  Third Tuesday of the month, 8PM BST.  Topics and …
#GHPC2013Healthcare Conferences
Live peer review of GHPC proposals 2013
18th February 2013
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10 - 11:30 am German time: Health and social protection experts working in or interested in German Development Cooperation assess seven proposals of p…
#PerfmgtHealthcare Conferences
Masterclass: Performance Management
23rd April 2013
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This course will enable the participant to develop a structured approach to Performance Management; it will provide an overview of performance managem…
#hlg2014Healthcare Conferences
Health Libraries Group Conference 2014
24th July 2014 – 25th July 2014
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"Attention will shift from the library to the librarian. The information professional is the library of the future.” Sage BL Summit 2012 Tw…
#eahil2016Healthcare Conferences
EAHIL 2016: knowledge, research, innovation, e-health
6th June 2016 – 10th June 2016
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15th EAHIL conference, held in Sevilla Spain.
#HLG2016Healthcare Conferences
CILIP Health Libraries Group Conference 2016
15th September 2016 – 16th September 2016
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The biennial CILIP HLG Conference: >350 health librarians from across the UK convene to exchange ideas, discover the latest innovations and make lo…

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