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#PerfmgtHealthcare Conferences
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This course will enable the participant to develop a structured approach to Performance Management; it will provide an overview of performance managem…
#performanceLDNHealthcare Conferences
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The London Performance Psychology in Medicine Symposium is a meeting for clinicians, cognitive and sports psychologists, safety experts, elite perform…
#cypf2019Healthcare Conferences
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The theme for our conference this year is ‘Learning Through Doing’, so, the practical elements of ‘Occupation’ and its value and impact when w…
#CHFG2014Healthcare Conferences
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This conference will enable senior managers, board members, medical and nursing staff to gain insights that will positively impact their role in promo…
#BSP17Healthcare Conferences
Optimising performance related to: behaviour change, periodontal surgery, long-term outcomes and restorative/dental implant therapies.
#IcswellnessHealthcare Conferences
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This one-day seminar targeted towards the whole Intensive Care MDT aims to unpick the issues that lie at the root of workplace stress in ICU and explo…

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