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#WCUME17Healthcare Conferences
World Congress Ultrasound in Medical Education
12th October 2017 – 15th October 2017
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The World Congress has been designed to bring together educators, practitioners, healthcare and education administrators, innovators, students, traine…
#ELC2017Healthcare Conferences
APTA Education Leadership Conference
13th October 2017 – 15th October 2017
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#ToolkitTalkHealthcare Tweet Chats
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ToolkitTalk features health care and education experts from around the country, discussing various issues surrounding the personal growth of children …
#eh2030Healthcare Conferences
Health Innovation Week
20th October 2017 – 25th October 2017
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Health Innovation Week is a series of interactive events that encourage creation, learning and collaboration by showcasing the innovations that have t…
#medxHealthcare Conferences
Stanford Medicine X 2017
15th September 2017 – 17th September 2017
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Medicine X is a catalyst for new ideas about the future of medicine and health care. The Medicine X initiative is designed to explore the potential of…
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#AnatQHealthcare Tweet Chats
This weekly tweetchat will serve as a way to crowdsource answers to anatomy queries from all over the globe. Another goal is for all involved to learn…

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