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#MedXHealthcare Conferences
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At Medicine X | CHANGE we will meet the innovators who are disrupting health care throughout the globe. We will see the emerging technologies of toda…
#cypf2019Healthcare Conferences
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The theme for our conference this year is ‘Learning Through Doing’, so, the practical elements of ‘Occupation’ and its value and impact when w…
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#eurep19Healthcare Conferences
Expect no less than a high-level training at the anticipated 17th European Urology Residents Education Programme (EUREP19). Since its inception in 200…
#HPEDayHealthcare Conferences
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HPE Day, which is an evolution of Med Ed Day, is an opportunity to share and disseminate scholarly efforts completed or in progress, and to spark the …
#hmieducatorsHealthcare Conferences
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The goal of this Program is to provide participants with the knowledge base and skills to enhance their expertise in both conducting an educational pr…

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