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#IASSIDDHealthHealthcare Conferences
IASSIDD Health SIRG Conference Belfast 2017: Bridging the Gap
19th June 2017 – 20th June 2017
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The IASSIDD Health SIRG will be holding a conference in Belfast, N Ireland on the 19th-20th June 2017 at the Hilton Hotel. The theme of the event is …
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#pc15Healthcare Conferences
Positive Choices 2015
16th April 2015 – 17th April 2015
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Positive Choices is an award winning free annual conference for Learning Disability Nursing students in the UK. It draws several hundred participants …
#SWisHumanRightsHealthcare Conferences
Social Work is Human Rights
15th July 2016
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Regional Conference in Yorkshire & Humber in the UK bringing together social workers with people who experience services and health care professio…
#RSMpsychotropicsHealthcare Conferences
Challenging behaviour and psychotropic medication
23rd May 2017
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This meeting aims to address current issues in the use of psychotropic medication in people with intellectual disability, in the context of the NHS En…
#HWDD2017Healthcare Conferences
Health and Wellbeing Conference: Engaging Health Care Professionals
29th November 2017 – 30th November 2017
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The Health and Wellbeing Conference provides a forum for over 200 health care professionals, students, educators, caregivers of individuals with devel…
#LDnursechatHealthcare Tweet Chats
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Each fortnight a different topic will be selected pertaining to important issues with health and social care provision for those who support, care for…
#kentlivewellHealthcare Conferences
Living Well : Eradicating Health Inequalities for people with learning disabilities in Kent and Medway
16th May 2013
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Launch of a Community of Practice to improve the life chances of people with learning/intellectual disabilities in Kent and Medway, UK. This inclusive…
#pcresHealthcare Tweet Chats
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To gather and formulate research information from positive choices to support implementation of strengthening the commitment.

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