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#InfoTalkHealthcare Tweet Chats
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#InfoTalk brings together bright minds in healthcare information management to live-chat industry predictions and perspectives. Hosted by Iron Mountai…
#DataSecurityNHSHealthcare Conferences
The National Information Governance Summit 2017 focuses on monitoring adherence to the 10 National Standards for Data Security which were proposed by …
#GDPRNHSHealthcare Conferences

This National Conference focuses on Information Governance in Health and Social Care, ensuring demonstrable compliance with the General Data Protectio…
#NHSInfoGovHealthcare Conferences
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This conference provides a practical guide to moving forward with Caldicott2 and the new code of practice in line with the recommendations from the In…
#CaldicottDigitalHealthcare Conferences
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The conference will include case studies on information governance and instant messaging, video consultations, use of mobile devices and sharing of im…
#CaldicottConfHealthcare Conferences
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This one day conference with a keynote introduction on the findings of the review: Information: to share or not to share, Information Governance Revie…
#Caldicott2Healthcare Conferences
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The conference will cover the new HSCIC code of practice on confidential information which is due to be published in September 2014 http://www.healthc…
#clinicalportalHealthcare Conferences
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The conference will through case studies of both in house and off the shelf approaches to clinical portal development will demonstrate how to implemen…
#IGNowHealthcare Conferences
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#IGNow Twitter Chat February 20, 2014 from 12:00-1:00pm (central time). AHIMA will be hosting a Twitter chat, in honor of Information Governance Mo…

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