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#ementalhealthHealthcare Conferences
E-Mental Health: Harnessing the Power of Digital for Better Mental Health
18th March 2013
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HS South of England (East) cordially invites you to the e-Mental Health Conference. The event will explore and promote the benefits of digital technol…
#fh16Healthcare Conferences
Frontiers Health
17th November 2016 – 18th November 2016
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Healthcare is being transformed and to a good extent will be disrupted by digital technologies. Dive into 2 days of cutting-edge health innovations an…
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#DigitalMH13Healthcare Conferences
Digital innovation in mental health
18th May 2013 – 19th May 2013
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A participant-led day bringing people together to share ideas, questions, innovations and solutions - from the tiny and hyper-local to the big and bol…
#hcsmnyHealthcare Conferences
Connecting Healthcare & Social Media
17th May 2012 – 18th May 2012
, , , , , NYC Health Business Leaders has teamed up with social media powerhouse Mayo Clinic and leading NY hospital system Continuum …
#EnDiGra15Healthcare Conferences
Enfermería Digital Granada 2015
30th October 2015
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EnDiGra 2015 (ENFERMERÍA DIGITAL GRANADA 2015) es una jornada que quiere dar continuidad a las primeras jornadas, ENDIMA 2014, que se celebraron en M…
#cihmdigiageHealthcare Conferences
The Digital Age
16th May 2013 – 17th May 2013
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Seminar and workshop with MIT and local digi health solutions on changing the conversation between professionals and service users through digital tec…
#NIHDigitalHealthcare Conferences
NIH Digital Summit
19th October 2015
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The National Institutes of Health is hosting a summit to explore how digital is being used by government agencies, clinicians, scientists, patients, a…
#NHSSCommsDayHealthcare Conferences
NHSScotland Communications Development Day
24th February 2016
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The fourth NHSScotland Communications Development Day will look at the challenges and opportunities that the new digital media landscape presents for …

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