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#ConcordiumHealthcare Conferences
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What happens when a multi-sector group of innovators gets together to discuss the power of electronic health data for transforming health care and pop…
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#ACG2018Healthcare Conferences
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Join the Johns Hopkins ACG System team and meet with hundreds of system users from around the world at the ACG System 2018 International Conference. Y…
#HealthData21Healthcare Conferences
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Join the first national industry led meeting in genomics bringing together the InGeNA industry alliance in genomics as well as other key stakeholders.…
#Rcpsychdata21Healthcare Conferences
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This year’s RCPsych conference follows the success of the General Adult Faculty Better Data, Better care conference in 2019, with the same aim of su…
#AHIMA21Healthcare Conferences
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Transforming the Future of Health Data Being held virtually this year, AHIMA21 is the premier educational, exhibition, and networking event for hea…
#Rcpsychdata22Healthcare Conferences
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The purpose of the annual Better Data, Better Care conference is to promote excellence in the use of data to improve care for people with mental illne…

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