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#health2euHealthcare Conferences
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The 8th edition of Health 2.0 Europe is right around the corner: May 3-5 in Barcelona! We will showcase and explore the latest innovations in health c…
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#htlaHealthcare Conferences
Entertainment and health meets wearbales
#HRX2022Healthcare Conferences
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HRX attendees will collectively examine digital clinical applications that have a direct impact on healthcare delivery, procedures, and workflows whil…
#JornadesRDIHealthcare Conferences
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La sensòrica es posiciona com un element tecnològic clau per millorar la qualitat de vida de les persones, especialment en els àmbits de la salut i…
#DigiHealthChatHealthcare Tweet Chats
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#DigiHealthChat is a live Digital Healthcare Twitter chat. Topics will range from web design/development, social media, seo, PPC, mHealth, wearables a…
#NightingaleH2020Healthcare Conferences
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We are pleased to announce the Nightingale project conference focusing on Remote Wireless Patient Monitoring: Challenges, Experiences, and What’s Ne…
#rsmwch15Healthcare Conferences
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The Royal Society of Medicine is holding a two day event, the first day of which is dedicated to the medical use of wearables to help people manage th…
#whpc15Healthcare Conferences
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This is an open call to anyone around the world to tell us how they would use Wearables (regardless of manufacturer) in an actual pilot in a clinical …

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