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#YTHLiveHealthcare Conferences
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YTH Live 2013 is a two-day annual conference that brings health and technology professionals together with youth, parents and community leaders to adv…
#BIOInspireHealthcare Conferences
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“Connecting With the Empowered Patient in the Digital Age,” a half-day seminar on Feb. 4 at BIO headquarters in Washington, DC, sponsored by BIO …
#EPFtrainingHealthcare Conferences
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The Training on Communication is delivered within the EPF Capacity Building Programme that was launched in 2012 to support the develop…
#fmdbtHealthcare Conferences
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Objectives Nay Dr. Bill Pascal P.Eng, Certified Management Accountant – CMA Ontario Director Dr. Mark Dermer Dr. Eric Wooltorton 1. Identify pre…
#HackMedMiamiHealthcare Conferences
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A collaboration between MIT Hacking Medicine, Startupbootcamp Miami and the Idea Center at Miami Dade College to host the biggest digital health event…
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#SaludTEC2016Healthcare Conferences
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Primera Jornada en Salud Digital y Tecnología organizada en América Latina en el marco del programa de la Catedra Europa [#catedraeuropa) de la Univ…
#CTChildrensGRHealthcare Conferences
Grand Rounds at Connecticut Children's @ctchildrens, Hartford, CT
#SXSHackMedHealthcare Conferences
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The MIT #HackMed Health House is a 3-day event at SXSW, hosted by the MIT Hacking Medicine team, together with a team of designers, innovators, health…

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