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#scidata17Healthcare Conferences
Better Science through Better Data 2017
25th October 2017
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The event will cover the benefits, unintended consequences and practicalities of managing and publishing research data. Including a focus on the needs…
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#NFHack17Healthcare Conferences
10th June 2017
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In conjunction with the San Diego ADA conference, Nightscout Foundation is hosting the open-source T1 community at the Microsoft offices from 10 AM to…
#NEJMDataSummitHealthcare Conferences
Aligning Incentives for Sharing Clinical Trial Data
3rd April 2017 – 4th April 2017
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The New England Journal of Medicine invites you to participate online in an open conversation about the sharing of clinical trial data. Learn from exp…
#sageassemblyHealthcare Conferences
2017 Assembly: Mapping Open Research Ecosystems
20th April 2017 – 22nd April 2017
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In 2017, we will bring the Assembly to Seattle, Sage Bionetworks’ home base, and back to the themes closest to us: open innovation in science, and t…
#SMWChiHealthHealthcare Conferences
Social Media Week Chicago Department of Public Health
25th September 2013
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The Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) hosts this yearly event in concert with Social Media Week Chicago where this global event aims to provi…
#WHOpenDataHealthcare Conferences
White House Open Data Summit
28th September 2016

White House Open Data Innovation Summit will highlight the Obama Administration’s work in opening U.S. government data and to discuss the path forwa…
#NJHealthDataHealthcare Conferences
Big Data and Health: Implications for New Jersey’s Health Care System Agenda
4th April 2014
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Sponsored by Nicholson Foundation at Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University
#SaluscoopHealthcare Tweet Chats
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Salus, cooperativa ciudadana de datos de salud

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