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Brookings Institution Merkin project conf on involving clinicians in pmt & practice reform
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A group of folks interested in promoting health using social media in Connecticut. All are welcome.

Thrive, Not Just Survive - XIX
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Jumpstart your practice with the workshop developed by physicians, not – consultants. If you've been thinking about moving your practice away from third-party contracts or eliminating them altogether, this workshop is designed for you. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Physicians, residents, & staff who want to: – Convert to, or set up a cash-only practice – Reduce or eliminate government & third-party …

Volume to Value: Infusing Clinical Nuance into Health Care Transformation
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Across the US, numerous private and public health reform initiatives focused on engaging providers and consumers to improve efficiency and enhance quality of care are well underway. From conceptual design to implementation strategies, invited policymakers, state health commissioners, plan directors, and health system leaders will engage in a highly interactive format to address supply-and demand-side innovations in numerous payer settings …

Patient-Centered Oncology Care: Real World Perspectives
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Healthcare reform will bring new payment models and new power for consumers, and cancer care delivery will not be immune. With that in mind, the American Journal of Managed Care will bring together experts from the front lines – both clinical and academic leaders, developers of life-saving therapies, and those who are guiding us from the old way of doing …

Statewide AACO Conference
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The changing face of coordination of care – Medicaid acos

Healthcare Businesswomen's Association Boston Chapter Healthcare Forum
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The 2013 HBA Boston Healthcare Forum is the chapter’s second annual flagship event, and follows this year’s programming theme of “Equipping for Change.” The forum features senior leaders from across all segments of the healthcare industry, including representatives from hospitals, payers, biopharma and medical devices. Their discussion, moderated by Martha Bebinger, healthcare reporter for WBUR, centers on how all sectors …

American Hospital Association 2013 Annual Meeting
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The paths of some of America’s most influential political, policy, opinion and health care leaders will converge April 28–May 1 in Washington for the American Hospital Association (AHA) Annual Membership Meeting. The AHA Annual Membership Meeting is the year’s foremost forum for hospital executives, trustees and volunteers — an essential event for learning, networking and getting in step with leaders …

Thought Leader Engagement, the Role of Medical Affairs and Medical Science Liaisons in the Era of Healthcare Reform
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Healthcare reform has completely changed how we view the role of medical affairs and how we navigate the KOL landscape. This senior level summit will explore the evolving role of medical affairs teams – thru the eyes of different thought leader perspectives and national medical affairs experts – to provide practical strategies on how to best engage in this new …

American Public Health Association 2012 Midyear Meeting
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The New Public Health ? Rewiring for the Future June 26-28, 2012, in Charlotte, N.C. This Midyear Meeting will equip attendees from federal, state, local and tribal agencies and organizations with the educational, policy and advocacy tools needed for keeping up with and anticipating the changes that will be necessary to ?rewire? the public health infrastructure.

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