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Hashtag Type Topics and Description
#AmbJCRegular, ,
#cpjcRegular, ,
#EASTjcHealthcare Tweet Chats, , , , , , , ,
The Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma (EAST) journal club discusses newly published literature relevant to the acute care surgeon practici…
#FemInEMJCHealthcare Tweet Chats, , , , ,
The feminem blog is pairing with ALiEM blog to discuss journal club articles pertinent to academia, gender inequalities, and emergency medicine.
#GeriMedJCRegular, ,
#HEJCHealthcare Tweet Chats,
The Health Economics Twitter Journal Club meets on the first Monday of every month at 5pm London time, using #HEJC on Twitter. Everybody is welcome to…
#JC_StERegular, , ,
#JHMChatHealthcare Tweet Chats, , , , ,
The Journal of Hospital Medicine (JHM) Twitter Chat (#JHMChat) is dedicated to exploring a recent paper published in JHM (@JHospMedicine), the officia…
#MedRadJClubRegular, , , , , ,
#NCSTJCHealthcare Tweet Chats,
Neurocritical Care Twitter. Journal Club occurs bimonthly . It is organized by the Communications Committee of the Neurocritical Care Society.  Every…
#NephJCHealthcare Tweet Chats, , , , , , , ,
NephJC is a nephrology journal club that takes place in social media.
#PHTwitJCHealthcare Tweet Chats,
Public Health Twitter Journal Club. 'Meets' fortnightly to discuss selected public health-related academic papers. Founded by @KateT_Health + @carotom
#RadResRegular, , , , , , ,
#RheumJCRegular, ,
Online Rheumatology Journal Club based in Twitter
#rsjcHealthcare Tweet Chats, , , ,
A Respirology and Sleep journal club based out of the University of Torontos Division of Respirology program. Accredited (eligible for section 1 MOC).…
#SIRRFSTJCBPHHealthcare Tweet Chats, , ,
Dr. John Smirniotopoulos will be presenting "Prostatic artery embolization for treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia in patients with prostates la…
#twitjcRegular, , ,
#urojcRegular, , , ,
#utjcRegular, , ,

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