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Chronic Kidney Disease occurs when one suffers from gradual and usually permanent loss of kidney function over time.…
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#NephJCHealthcare Tweet Chats
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NephJC is a nephrology journal club that takes place in social media.
#ISNWCNHealthcare Conferences
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The International Society of Nephrology organizes the World Congress of Nephrology every year. In 2019, the WCN will be held in Melbourne, Australia
#AnnualDialysisHealthcare Conferences
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The Annual Dialysis Conference (ADC) is the world's largest multidisciplinary conference on dialysis designed for health professionals involved in est…
#GREXJCHealthcare Tweet Chats
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The Global Renal Exercise Group's Journal Club is a new initiative aiming to bring together people interested in physical activity research in Chronic…
#KDIGOVascularHealthcare Conferences
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The KDIGO Controversies Conference on Central & Peripheral Arterial Diseases in CKD will gather a global panel of multidisciplinary clinical and s…
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